Why Korean delivery health has increased in Japan, and its characteristics


There are many girls working in sex clubs in Japan, but not all of them are Japanese. In particular, many foreigners from other Asian countries come to Japan as migrant workers. Chinese and Korean girls are especially prevalent in delivery health.

I would now like to focus on sex services offered by Koreans. Korean sex club girls have gradually been increasing their presence in Japan since early 2000. In the background of this trend lies the tightening of sex club regulations in Korea. Whatever the case, however, Chinese and Korean sex club girls have given rise to a new genre of sex club referred to as the “continental type.

Below, I will describe in detail why this trend has started in Japan. I will also explain the characteristics of Korean delivery health.

Why Koreans practice delivery health in Japan

There are approximately 300,000 sex club girls in Japan. This is roughly the same number of sex club girls working in Korea. If you consider that the population of Korea is roughly 40% of the population of Japan, you can see just how high the ratio of sex club girls is in Korea.

Feeling apprehension about this situation, the Korean government began serious crackdowns on sex clubs. The precursor to these crackdowns was the Prevention of Prostitution, etc. Act, which was implemented in 1996.

Failing to produce results, the Korean government then implemented the Anti-Prostitution Act in 2004 and enacted a thorough crackdown of sex clubs.

As a result, many women who had worked at sex clubs in Korea lost their jobs. They then came to Japan for new opportunities.

Most women who have come to Japan to work as prostitutes enter the country as visitors, and do not have working visas. Some of them obtain permanent residence through such means as finding a Japanese husband. These women are referred to as “mamas,” and they have been responsible for the spread of Korean delivery health throughout Japan.

Because the proliferation of Korean delivery health was so rapid, the service is now available throughout most of Japan. Tokyo’s Uguisudani, in particular, is known as the mecca of Korean delivery health.

The Uguisudani region was originally a place where women who could no longer work at Yoshiwara (the largest soapland district in Japan) because of old age, etc. could go. For this reason, there are extremely large numbers of love hotels and sex clubs hosting mature women in Uguisudani.

Having so many love hotels makes the location ideal for delivery health. As a result, Korean delivery health made this location its base and went on to create a new sex club culture.

Characteristics of Korean delivery health

The country of Korea basis its sensibilities on Confucian thought. In other words, its values are based on seniority and the predominance of men over women. Confucianism also flows through Japan, but the Koreans respect the philosophy on a whole different level.

This belief system has instilled a sense within Korean women that their purpose is to devote themselves to men. As a result, the way they engage in sexual activity is also on a deeper level.

Unlike Japanese delivery health, which is unlikely to result in actual intercourse, the probability of intercourse with Korean delivery health is rather high. This is because Korean sex club girls do not have as much of an aversion to penetration as Japanese girls do.

Another characteristic of Korean delivery health is that the sexual activity is extremely passionate for it only being a job. As detailed above, the spirit of dedication is strong in Korean women, and they will often not stop after the first round, seeking a second. This type of service is obviously a pleasure for the men.

One thing to note, though, is that most Korean delivery health is offered by illegal sex clubs that don’t have a business permit. This is not a surprise since the girls who work there don’t have working visas.

Although clients are not criminally charged for engaging in sexual activity with girls from illegal clubs, it is rather embarrassing if you are unlucky and there is a bust during your session. You would also be wanted for police questioning, so it is safe to say your family would be contacted.

The appeal of Korean delivery health lies within the girls’ spirit of dedication. One reason for that energy may be their motivated resolve from leaving their heavily regulated homeland to work in Japan.