Three types of women that are perfect for the veteran brothel client


A great many different types of women work in brothels. Some types, like cute girls, gal-type girls, or classically beautiful women, are widely popular among all male clients. However, there are some types of women that veteran brothel clients typically find very appealing.

Let us make a detour and take a look at three types that are popular among the real connoisseurs. If you want to take your enjoyment of brothels to a new level, try out one of these women.

Married women

To begin with, is married women. Women of this type are often voluptuous, and many of them are very experienced at sex. Specialized brothels where all prostitutes are married women are very popular all over Japan, drawing large numbers of clients.

There are many reasons why married women might choose to work in a brothel. Some need extra income to balance the family accounts. Others claim that they started working as prostitutes out of loneliness, brought on by an unsatisfactory relationship with their husband.

Engaging in a sexual relationship with a married woman outside the context of a brothel can be troublesome, because it opens one up to accusations of adultery. Connecting with a married woman through a brothel takes away that risk. In a brothel, men can engage with married women without having to worry about anything. However, exchanging contact information with a woman and meeting her outside of the brothel is not a good idea.

Just as the women have many reasons for joining a brothel, their male clients also have many reasons for desiring sexual contact with a married woman. Some are drawn by the particular erotic appeal of married women. Others just want a very experienced woman. Some men are excited by the idea of having relations with a woman who is married to another man.

Among the “specialized” types of prostitutes, married women are on the more popular end of the scale in Japan. Many clients consider married woman to be a step up from the more broadly popular types of prostitutes, like the classically beautiful woman or the gal-type woman.

Chubby women

Most Japanese men prefer women with a slim or average-sized body. Relatively few men have a preference for larger women, but they still make up a significant number of brothel clients. There are even brothels that specialize in chubby women.

Chubby women have softer, plumper bodies, which some men find very comforting to the touch. Others say they simply prefer larger women, and they have no real explanation why.

Brothels that specialize in chubby women tend to be reasonably priced as well. It is exceedingly rare for high-end establishments to employ chubby prostitutes. For some, the fact that chubby women are relatively affordable may make them more attractive.

There is stiff competition among brothels, but establishments that specialize in chubby women have carved out a stable niche for their services. Most of these brothels do not seem to turn very large profits, but they survive because their services enjoy a very consistent kind of popularity.

Mature women

Mature women are also a relatively popular type. This category encompasses a wide age range. Women who are anywhere between 35 and 60 are generally referred to as “mature”. There are some brothels that specialize in older women.

Most men prefer women in their early twenties. They claim that women are at their most beautiful at this stage of life, and that their sexy young bodies make intercourse very enjoyable.

While many men are inclined to think like this, there is also a significant and steady number of men who prefer older women. Some enjoy having sex with a woman who has a more mature body, while others simply enjoy talking with a woman in the quiet atmosphere of a hostess bar that draws an older crowd.

Like establishments for chubby women, brothels and hostess clubs where mature women work tend to be have a lower price range. They are ideal for clients who want to visit the same brothel regularly, because clients can find a woman they like and keep making use of her services over a long period of time.

These are some of the more specialized brothels that exist in Japan. Some men seek out these kinds of women right from the start, while others find their tastes developing as their experience with brothels gets more extensive.

Brothels often display photos of their employees on their websites. Because these photos are altered with image editing software (a process called “panel magic” in Japan), some barely resemble the actual woman they depict.

The result is that sometimes clients choose a woman who looks attractive to them, but end up meeting someone who is chubbier than they expected. Some men turn this “disappointment” into a chance to have a new experience, and discover that they quite enjoy chubby women.

Trying out prostitutes of a more “specialized” type might help you broaden your horizons as well. If you are interested at all, do not hesitate to visit a new kind of woman.