Examples of failure when selecting sex clubs


Choosing a club is an important part of a sex club experience. A failure in selecting a sex club could lead to a situation where you find yourself with poor service and a girl you don’t really like, despite having paid money.

Most people who have visited sex clubs by trial and error wind up having a negative experience. I will now introduce examples of failures in selecting sex clubs so that you can learn from these mistakes ahead of time.

Falling victim to customer pulling

There are many instances where a number of sex clubs are gathered in a small area. In such brothel districts, it is common for club staff members to call out to people who are passing by, an act called “pulling customers.”  Customer pulling is generally illegal, but is allowed if the pulling takes place on the sex club’s property.

Common sales pitches by such staff include offering special, discounted rates and telling you “Our most popular girl is open right now.”

However, I do not suggest visiting a sex club via customer pulling. Sex clubs can be hit-or-miss, and you have a much better chance of finding a good club if you do your homework. That isn’t to say, though, that there aren’t people who are persuaded by the promising offers of the pulling staff.

For example, there was a certain man who was talked into believing that he could get a session with an “extremely popular girl.” So, he paid 20,000 JPY and entered the club. The “girl” that appeared, however, was clearly a middle-aged woman.

The man quickly realized that this was not a popular girl, and regretted his gullibility in believing the staff member. Since he had already paid the 20,000 JPY, however, he had no choice but to use his imagination, avoid looking at the woman’s face, go through with the session, and leave that particular sex shop behind him.

Visiting a club based on gossip

It’s also easy to fail by selecting a club based on simple gossip or hearsay.

This is an old story from the 1980s or earlier, but there was once a rumor that, late at night, there would be a blue vehicle parked in Hakata’s Nakasu district, a well-known brothel district. They said that if you talked to the driver, you could enjoy time with a young girl who was about 20 years old.

There were many men who, having grown accustom to sex clubs and wanting to experience new kinds of play, believed this rumor and found their way to Nakasu with hope and anxiety in their hearts. After arriving at the designated spot, they would see the blue vehicle and talk to the driver.

The driver would eventually guide each man to a hotel and tell him to wait for the girl. The woman who showed up, however, was believed to be over 70 years old.

While touching the elderly woman’s wrinkly skin, a far cry from the image of the beautiful girl that led them there, they felt deep regret. They would vow to themselves never to believe another rumor.

Amazingly, the men managed to finish their session despite these circumstances. After finishing, one man asked her why she was doing this kind of job.

She replied that she usually worked as a hostess at a snack bar, but would moonlight as a prostitute after the bar closed.

Visiting clubs that are way too cheap

Another common failure when visiting sex clubs is to choose a club that is excessively cheap. There are many clubs that offer time services, or discounts, when you visit during an early time slot. Some such clubs offer play at extremely cheap prices, and the affordability is very popular among customers.

In consideration of the cheap prices, there are some clubs that offer very good services, and some clubs that do not. One man, for example, was drawn to a club offering a time service: 40 minutes for just 5,000 JPY.

The club staff told the man that “The cost is only 5,000 JPY with no additional charges. You can’t designate a girl, but if you pay now, we can get you time with one of our best girls. Despite his anticipation, the girl that appeared before the man, however, was a middle-aged woman – not exactly his preference.

The man had expected a young girl, and, even though he had already paid, he left the club within 5 minutes without ever taking his clothes off.

There are a large number of sex clubs in Japan, and, as you can see, there are also some sex clubs that don’t exactly operate with honorable business practices. A lesson that can be learned from these failures is to always research a club before visiting.

By doing your homework, you increase your chances of receiving services that will leave you satisfied. For newbies, in particular, I would suggest researching and visiting superior quality clubs to avoid the experiences described above.