The three types of women that are the most popular among brothel clients


There are many different types of women, and most of them can be found in brothels as well. However, there are three types that are particularly popular among male clients. These are the “gal type”, the “older sister type”, and the “cute type”.

Men who do not have much experience visiting brothels should probably try one of these three types on their first visit, because it is difficult to go wrong with any of them.

Women of the gal type

Let us take a look at gal-type women first. “Gal” (gyaru) refers to a female subculture originating in Japan. Gal-type women tend to go for a gorgeous and dazzling style, a look that appeals to many men. Many of these women dye their black hair into light colors, sometimes light brown or even blonde.

Some Japanese men who are not very used to engaging with women find such light brown or blonde hair a turn-off in the beginning. However, many Japanese women like to dye their hair according to the latest fashion, so most men are used to these hair colors by now.

Another characteristic of gal-type women is that they are very strong-willed. Many are cheerful and animated, and some of them use speech patterns that are close to those of a man, rather than the specific female speech patterns that are available in the Japanese language. They might use phrases that are typical of gal culture in Japan, such as “That’s fab!” or “Super cute!”.

Gal-type women are perhaps the most polarizing of the three common types.

Some clients find that these women’s sleek, colorful looks and strong personalities make them feel less feminine than some other types. That gives them a kind of presence that many men find very appealing. On the other hand, some men find it very off-putting.

Gal-type women are also very versatile when it comes to the atmosphere of a session. Many of these prostitutes are comfortable either following a client’s lead at every step, or taking charge of the session entirely.

Women of the “older sister” type

Another type of woman that is very popular among brothel clients is the older sister type. They often take on the appearance of a female office worker, accentuating their long-legged bodies with a crisp pantsuit and leaving the top buttons of their white blouses open to offer a hint of cleavage.

Many men find this look very appealing. There are also many older sister-type women who dress not in pantsuits, but in high-end “smart casual” clothing.

Roughly speaking, there are two kinds of men who enjoy these older sister-type women. Some men want to be taken care of by someone who feels like a loving older sister, while others like the idea of “dirtying” these put-together women with their own hands.

Everyone has their own sexual fetishes. There are brothels who specialize in older sister-type prostitutes, so they can make all these men’s dreams come true.

Clients are allowed to yank open a woman’s blouse to expose her breasts, or pretend to be a lecherous supervisor who gropes the backside of his female assistant. In brothels, men can enact the fantasies that run through their heads while they watch their female colleagues move around the office.

Some of these neat and tidy-looking women are willing to act out unbelievably dirty male fantasies. They will act as if they are bending completely to a man’s will and produce the most erotic sounds in order to please their clients.

Women of the “cute” type

Women of the “cute” type also have a steady fanbase in the Japanese sex industry. They project the image of a younger sister that one might want to protect, or of a cute and popular starlet in a girl group.

Because these women are very kind, even beginners will find them approachable. It is a good idea to choose a “cute” type woman for one’s first experience, and then try out some of the other types.

In many brothels specializing in cute-type women, the girls will interact with clients while wearing cosplay (a costume associated with a certain profession, an anime character, and so on). They will wear maid costumes, school uniforms, the costumes of particular anime characters, and anything else a man’s heart might desire.

During sessions with this type of woman, however, it is best for the man to take the lead. The women can take the lead if they really must, but because many of them have a more vulnerable “younger sister” vibe, it suits them better when a male client takes charge of the proceedings.

Many men prefer one or several of these three types of women. Of course women who belong to the same type also have their individual differences when it comes to looks and personality. When searching for a woman, it may be useful to first determine which type one likes best, and then see which individual woman is the most appealing.