Four things to keep in mind when engaging with a popular prostitute


Every brothel has employees who are particularly popular with clients. Every establishment keeps track of which women get selected the most often per day, week, and month, and many publish rankings. The woman in the top spot is often single-handedly responsible for the greater part of a brothel’s earnings. Knowing which woman is the most popular is important not just for clients, but also for the brothel.

A woman ends up in the top spot of the rankings when she manages to draw many clients through her looks and the quality of her service. That means a session with the top-ranked woman will be much more satisfying, even though she is no more expensive than her lower-ranked peers.

However, the most popular prostitute will also be the one who is the least available for clients. Many clients will feel that they never get a chance to enjoy a session with the top-ranked woman, because her schedule is always booked full. There are four things clients should keep in mind when they want to engage with a top-ranked prostitute.

Gather information about multiple brothels, and choose any top-ranked woman who is available

When clients focus only on a single brothel’s top-ranked prostitute, the chances of actually getting a session are low. It is better to keep an eye on multiple brothels’ rankings, so one can book a session with any top-ranked woman whose schedule has an opening.

Prostitution portal sites and prostitution information magazines are good sources for information about which prostitutes are the most popular. Rankings of popular prostitutes make up most of the content of these websites and magazines. Most brothels publish rankings, so wherever you live, it will be easy to find out which women are popular in brothels close to you.

Once you have identified which girls are popular, figure out where they are and when they are free. You can verify their location on portal sites or in magazines. A woman’s working hours will be listed on the website of the brothel where she works.

When you find a woman who is free at the right time, you can contact the brothel to make a reservation. No matter the class of the brothel, their highest-ranked woman is bound to provide quality service. Some men fixate on the idea of having sex with one particular prostitute from one particular brothel. However, it is better to consider multiple brothels and widen your candidate pool of women.

It also may be a good idea to focus on brothels in the suburbs rather than those in the city center. The highest-ranked women in brothels on the outskirts of the city are more likely to have free time slots. Brothels in the city center see a higher number of clients, so there is more competition for the highest-ranked women.

Try to visit brothels on weekdays, and as early in the day as possible

A brothel’s busiest hours are usually after six in the evening. If you visit before that hour, the brothel will be less busy. Most brothel clients are men, and most men have to be at work during the day.

Clients who can free themselves up during the afternoon hours would do well to plan their visit then. At this time, there are many prostitutes who are simply sitting around waiting for clients–“grinding tea,” in the parlance of the sex industry.

Even women with a high ranking are often free at this time of the day. If possible, try to visit in the morning, or immediately after the brothel opens.

It is best to make an appointment beforehand so you are assured of your place. If you arrive at the brothel without an appointment, there is always a chance that the woman you wanted is already busy with another client.

Try going when the weather is bad

On days when the weather is bad, brothels tend to see fewer clients.

When the rain is little more than a drizzle, the number of clients does not decrease much; most men might decide not to go very far in such weather, but they will still bother to go all the way to a brothel. In heavy rain or snow, however, many men will give up on leaving the house entirely. On such days, prostitutes get fewer reservations.

Good weather days are perfect for most kinds of outings, but for visits to a brothel, it is the other way around. Bad weather days are the best time to visit a brothel.

One thing to keep in mind is that on bad weather days, the number of women who do not come into work also goes up. Prostitutes sometimes have to call in sick to work, and on bad weather days, the number of women who fall sick goes up. That is another reason why it is important to broaden your horizons to several brothels and several prostitutes, rather than keep a narrow focus on one particular woman.

Maintaining a friendly relationship with the staff

Maintaining a friendly relationship with the staff of a brothel is also important for clients who want to get reservations with popular prostitutes.

Some men think that if they ask the staff to tell them which women are the most popular, the staff will do exactly that. However, from the brothel’s point of view, some clients are more important than others.

If a client asks for the most popular woman, but the staff thinks that the client is not very important, they are likely to bring out whatever woman is free at that moment–regardless of her place in the rankings. This is not an effective way to get a session with a popular prostitute.

It is important to visit a brothel often, spend money there, and be friendly towards the staff. Once a client is well-liked by the staff, he will be treated quite differently. The staff will be much more likely to assign higher-ranked women to a client whose patronage they want to reward and cultivate.

One advantage of making nice with the staff is that once you are in the staff’s good books, they will continue to treat you well. If you visit regularly, the staff will take great pains to get you a good prostitute every time. They may also give you discounts.

Those are four things to keep in mind when you want to get appointments with popular prostitutes. Try these simple strategies if you want to enjoy a session with a high-ranked woman. You will definitely notice the difference in quality when it comes to the woman’s looks and the level of service you get.