Should I visit alone or with a buddy?


OK, so you’ve decided to explore sex clubs in Japan. The question on your mind now probably is: “Do I go alone or with a friend?” The answer is surprisingly simple: both ways are great!

Each comes with its pluses and minuses, so let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Pros and cons of visiting a Japanese sex club alone

The obvious advantage to going alone is that you can select a shop that matches your tastes. If you go with multiple friends, you may have to cater to their own preferences. Going alone means you can fully select based on what you like. You can go to exactly the kind of shop you want and play with the kind of girl you like best. This is definitely the way to experience the essence of a sex club.

At the same time, going alone can be a bit daunting for first-timers. Since these clubs are, after all, about doing something sexual, it’s not unusual to feel bashful about heading in.

Truth be told, almost all of the discomfort you feel at this point has to do with it being the first time – it’s a bit embarrassing to admit you’re a newbie — the reason being that most men of the world, as they get older, have been to a sex club as a matter of course. It’s awkward to feel left out.

Everyone is nervous their first time – but by the second, it’ll be old hat, and by the third, you’ll be skipping your way into the shop.

Pros and cons of visiting a Japanese sex club with friends

You can also go with a buddy – or several. The clear benefit here is that, with your best buds, you’ll have nothing to fear. It’ll be like a fun night out with the boys, and you can forget your worries.

Another plus is that after your visit, you’ll all have something to talk about. Sex clubs in Japan are a form of entertainment. If you go with your buddies, you can then go out for a drink and share what was fun about it. While the actual experience is a treat, chatting about it is also surprisingly fun.

Some people even like to host a little, shall we say, “post-mortem meeting” after they visit. “The girl was great, but the people manning the shop had the worst attitude.” You can swap comments like these and get the inside dirt on how the experience was, allowing you to select a better shop next time.

Another benefit is that certain shops offer group discounts. Shops are delighted to get lots of patrons at once, so they confer discounts to those coming in groups. You can get a nice discount if you go as a party of two or more.

However, if you go with friends, you might not be able to choose what you really want. You have to account for the tastes of the whole group, so you might wind up going to a shop that’s not to your taste. This group-oriented style is best for those guys who are able to compromise and make the most of the experience.

Still, you may be able to find a shop that everybody likes. The best way to make this happen is to have a good chat with your buddies before going. This will allow you all to enjoy yourselves to the fullest.

In the end, it’s up to you!

Whether you go alone or with a buddy or two, there are pluses and minuses. Consider what is important to you before you go. Both styles offer something different, so you could even try it both ways.

Many people used to going to a Japanese sex club alone find it’s new and refreshing to go with buddies. Some who always go with friends discover the pleasures of going alone.

No matter how large or small your party, sex clubs in Japan are downright fun. Don’t overthink it and take the plunge.