Three techniques that will make club girls happy during sex play


Anyone who visits a sex club wants to enjoy the services given by the girls to the maximum extent possible. An important aspect for enjoying sex play with club girls is communication. Most people imagine conversation when they think of communication, but communication at sex clubs isn’t just talk.

Play with girls at sex clubs is obviously performed with your bodies and is physical. Therefore physical communication is more important than words.

I will now introduce three techniques that will allow you to improve communication with club girls during play, and make them more satisfied.

1. Respond to the girl’s advances

Girls at sex clubs will take the initiative to lead. They will let you enjoy a variety of play including oral sex and licking your nipples. At this stage, it is important to noticeably react.

In particular, moving the lower half of your body and moaning slightly can be effective. By doing this, you are letting the girl think that she is adept at her advances. She will continue to step up her aggressiveness.

Reactions are also important in conversation. If you react properly, the other person will think that you are interested in what they are talking about. The same thing applies to physical play at sex clubs.

Inexperienced men may think that showing how they feel to a girl is embarrassing. If you don’t react, though, the club girl may think that you are boring, or she may become concerned that she isn’t satisfying you with her services.

In other words, if you don’t physically respond, you are losing a chance to receive superior service. At first, just a little is enough, so I recommend moaning in a soft voice to reflect what you feel.

2. When you make advances, it is critical to tease her

The next opportunity comes when you make advances on her. Don’t just start eating her out. It’s important to gradually work up to it, teasing her while slowly advancing. Suddenly going all the way without buildup is just being greedy.

Women are attracted to men who seem relaxed. Mood is very important to women. Breathing heavily while making sudden advances from the start doesn’t give women the chance to prepare their bodies for what’s to come.

To advance more effectively, you need to make the woman feel more and more in a gradual manner. Licking and sucking on areas of the girl’s body other than her genitals and lightly rubbing her nipples can also give good results.

Asking the girl about her preferred erogenous zone can also work. If you ask a club girl where they are most sensitive, chances are that she will answer. Then, you should gradually work your way to that area. Again, you should not suddenly attack her the erogenous zone. It is most effectively to start at a surrounding area and gradually move in.

By not suddenly launching a pinpoint attack on a single location, but rather gradually move in from surrounding regions, you will make the girl feel like she wants you to hurry up and be more direct. At this point, you can advance all the way, or enjoy teasing her even more. You also need to consider how much more available time you have left.

3. Always be gentle when making advances

Inexperienced men tend to use porn as reference material. There are many scenes in porn where a man makes sudden and rough advances on the girl. However, these scenes are only intended to heighten sexual arousal in men.

In the real world, women do not particularly enjoy rough advances. This is simply because of the resultant pain. Women’s bodies are very sensitive. Most women will experience pain if you suck on their nipples too strongly. If a girl says something hurts during play, be sure to immediately switch to a gentler action.

Of course, there are also relative cases where the man intends on being gentle, but the girl feels pain. At first, the intention of always being gentle to a club girl is a good rule. One point to getting more out of services at sex clubs is to be considerate of the girls.

If you follow the above three guidelines, you will be able to communicate effectively with the club girls. You will not only make yourself happy, you will also please the girls.

In addition, you will find yourself more pleased with the high level of service, and you will be warmly welcomed by the girls when you come back next time. Please give it a try.