Sex clubs that even otaku can enjoy: anime cosplay soaplands and virgins


Otaku can also enjoy sex clubs. There are probably some people who enjoy 2D girls in anime and video games so much that they don’t know how to interact with 3D girls.

However there is no need to be concerned about such things at sex clubs. Since club girls will also graciously provide services to otaku customers, there is nothing to get in the way of having fun.

Depending on the club, though, the aspects and predispositions of the girls can differ. I will now introduce some sex clubs that are particularly geared to satisfying otaku.

Anime cosplay sex clubs

I’m sure there are many otaku who enjoy anime. There are actually clubs where the girls will dress up as anime characters. Since they will appear dressed up as your favorite anime characters, you can start by enjoying their appearance even before play begins.

Also, they’re not just dressing up as anime characters because the club told them to; many of these girls work at such clubs because they actually like anime. As a result, you can start getting excited through conversation on common interests before and after play.

Although these anime cosplay sex clubs are aimed at otaku, there are also a lot of average customers who visit because they aren’t all that interested in women who give off standard prostitute vibes.

Losing virginity at a soapland

I recommend soaplands for those who want to have their first sexual experiences with a woman. In Japan, actual intercourse (real sexual intercourse) is prohibited with girls at sex clubs. At soaplands, however, for all intents and purposes, actual intercourse is accepted.

There are also soaplands where girls do cosplay, which I recommend for otaku. By fooling around with a girl dressed up as a character who you are infatuated with, you will maximize your pleasure for your first experience. It will also provide you with practice for your first time together with a real girlfriend since it will give insight on the process leading up to actual intercourse.

When using soaplands for this purpose, I recommend telling the girl that this is your first time before starting play. The girl will then take the lead and show you how to make advances, etc.

There may be some men who would prefer losing their virginity with an actual girlfriend. Once you throw away your virginity, however, you will feel liberated.

As people get older, some women expect a certain amount of experience with girls from men who are a similar age. Soaplands are one option you can use to fill out your experience.

At soaplands, you get into a bathtub with the girl. She will wash your body, and get in with you. You can immediately transition into play, or you can move to a special waterproof mattress and enjoy play there.

Since service at soaplands is better than other sex clubs, and you can enjoy actual intercourse, the cost is rather high. Even the cheapest clubs start at 15,000 JPY, and there are many clubs that range from 20,000 JPY – 30,000 JPY. Since the level of service tends to be proportional to the price you pay, high-class soaplands can be a good choice for your first experience.

Sex clubs with only virgins and inexperienced girls

Otaku can have a lot of special preferences regarding girls. Among those who have yet to have sex with a girl, there are men who want their first experience to be with a virgin.

Most people would think that there couldn’t be a sex club with virgins and inexperienced girls. Recently, though, there are Japanese sex clubs that specialize in such girls.

When sex clubs release wanted ads to attract virgins and inexperienced girls, there is always a number of girls that respond because they want to work at that type of club.

Virgins and inexperienced girls each have their own reasons for wanting to work at a sex club. There are some girls who have never had a sexual experience with a man, and there are some who say that they tried to have sex while dating, but it hurt too much and they stopped before penetration.

Even these girls, however, gain experience after working at a club for some time. So, even the virgins seem to be used to sex. If you really want the pure experience of sexual services performed by a virgin or inexperienced girl, you should set your sights on a new club girl.

Keep in mind, though, that since these are clubs that specialize in virgins and inexperienced girls, you cannot enjoy actual intercourse as you can at soaplands. Rather than intercourse, offered services include massages, oral sex, and sumata (a Japanese sexual term in which the female rubs and tightens her labia majora against the male’s penis, without actual penetration).

These anime cosplay clubs, soaplands, and virgin/inexperienced girl clubs are establishments I would recommend for otaku. Otaku can also enjoy regular sex clubs, but the girls also have their performed type for men. Since there are people who keep their distance from otaku, it would be more enjoyable for otaku to visit a sex club that will take them in without prejudice.