Reasons to use photo diaries to choose a sex club girl


There are a variety of reasons to visit a sex club, but the end goal is to have fun with a girl. No matter what the club, if you can’t enjoy time with a girl, it’s pointless to visit.

Therefore, when going to a sex club, it is important to select a girl that is as close to your personal preferences as possible. When selecting girls, it is common to reference the catalogues of girls, called “panels,” located at the club.

Because of recent technological advancements, computer software that can easily modify photographs is constantly being developed. As a result, most photographs used in the panels have been dramatically altered. This is commonly referred to as “panel magic.

If you accept the panels on good faith, the majority of the time you will be left greatly disappointed. The panels can be altered to such an extent that it would not be strange for a sex club newbie to be angered by the fact that he was approached by a completely different person.

As stated above, you should not trust the panels. Panel photographs should only be taken as half of the truth.

In order to assess the girls, you should refer to their photo diaries. There are other methods, as well, but photo diaries are the easiest and most beneficial.

What are photo diaries?

Nowadays, many sex clubs have their own websites with information about the club, the girls who work there, etc. One feature of this site is the photo diary section.

Photo diaries are like simple blogs and are used by many sex clubs. As the name implies, these entries are like diaries with articles structured around photographs.

These photographs are updated on a daily basis and, for the most part, are not as altered as panel photographs. This makes it possible to catch glimpses of each girl’s true appearance more so than club panels. Also, by reading the entries, you can take in such data as what kind of sexual activities the girl is most proficient at, etc.

What sets photo diaries apart from regular blogs is that the club girls tend to share and update their diaries together. Information isn’t just separated by each individual girl, but you can also find information about multiple girls mixed together.

In other words, by viewing the photo diaries, you can pick up on information about all the girls in a sex club, not just the girl that stands out to you. If there’s only one girl you find attractive, it might be a little annoying, but there is the merit of being able to come to know new girls in a nearly accurate fashion.

Points of caution about photo diaries

Even though you can trust photo diaries more than panels, that doesn’t mean you should take them at face value. Photo diaries are not a clear reflection of reality, and are completely filled with edits.

There are also cases when the diaries are absolute lies. For instance, the entry may read “I went with the ladies to the amusement park,” but she may have actually been on a date with her boyfriend.

In some cases, the posted photos may not be actual pictures she took, but rather photographs borrowed from someone else’s website. Of course, fretting over this type of thing is ridiculous, and each of the girls obviously has her own life.

Even if an entry is a lie, you mustn’t blame the girl. To her, the photo diary is just a part of her business and is not intended to restrict her private life. If there is a girl that only writes lies, then there is no need to choose her from the start.

The statement that photo diaries can be trusted more than panels only applies to physical appearance. Other information should only be believed to the same degree as information in a gossip magazine.

The advancement of technology also plays a part in covering up the truth. Excessive touchups are a problem, but, from the viewpoint of running a sex club, they can also be good business. It is best to keep an open mind and not be deceived by the panels.