What kind of gifts can you give to a prostitute?


Clients who visit brothels regularly may develop a liking for one particular woman. This results in asking for that woman more often and spending more time with her.

A client who asks for a particular woman often should consider bringing presents for her. The number of clients who give presents to prostitutes seems to be declining in recent years. However, women usually enjoy receiving gifts. Most prostitutes are very happy to receive a present, so it is still a thing clients should consider doing for their favorite woman.

However, one cannot just give anything to a prostitute. Let us consider the practice of giving gifts to prostitutes, and what kind of gift might be appropriate.

Is it any use to give presents to a prostitute?

Some men feel that there is no point to giving prostitutes anything. Many feel that since they are simply looking to have a good time for as little money as possible, bringing presents runs counter to their interests.

Even in those circumstances, however, it is a good idea to bring a present for a favorite prostitute. The reason is that showing such consideration towards the woman will lead her to give the client better service. In other word, a present is a good investment.

Consider that most men clearly have the money to get the woman a present, but never give her anything. A client who does bring a present will really stand out. The prostitute is very likely to remember him fondly as that one nice man who went out of his way to bring her a present.

As we will see in a moment, there is no need for the present to be expensive in order for it to be appreciated. The thought behind the present is what really matters. Women who work at a brothel tend to think very well of a client who buys presents for his favorites.

Edible treats are the best presents

Edible treats are probably the best present a client could give. You cannot go wrong with, for instance, a gift of seasonal chocolate. The vast majority of women love sweets. If a client has checked to make sure that his favorite woman enjoys sweet things, he cannot go wrong with a gift of candy.

In my experience, women also tend to enjoy gifts of so-called “beauty drinks”. I once brought a three-bottle set of a beauty drink that included beauty ingredients such as collagen. It was only a small attention that cost me only ¥500, but the woman I gave it to seemed to appreciate it a lot.

I would not recommend bringing things like little cakes from Western confectionery shops. Prostitutes have no way of knowing whether a particular client is trustworthy, so they may be wary when they are offered foods that may have been tampered with.

They feel much more comfortable accepting gifts that come in sealed plastic, or in a box that has clearly not been opened. Sweets are also a gift that will rarely set a man back more than ¥1,000. A gift is easier to accept for a woman if it is clearly not very expensive. When choosing a gift, consider the position of the intended recipient carefully.

Flowers are also a good present

If a client knows that a woman is celebrating her birthday, or something like the one-year anniversary of her employment at the brothel, flowers can be a thoughtful gift as well. There are very few women who actively dislike flowers, so this gift will probably go over well.

However, it is best to only bring flowers for special occasions such as anniversaries. Flowers tend to be rather bulky, and they will look conspicuous when the woman tries to take them home. Some women may find it annoying to receive flowers for seemingly no reason.

Some women like stuffed animals, others do not

Quite a few men give stuffed animals as presents. Women’s opinions about these stuffed animals tend to be divided. Some men blithely assume that all women like cute things, so all women must like stuffed animals. However, some women dislike gifts of stuffed animals; they may feel like the gift-giver is treating them like a child, or that stuffed animals are too bulky.

Depending on the prostitute, some may have stuffed animals displayed in the room where they have sessions with clients. However, this should not be taken as proof that that particular woman loves stuffed animals. She may simply be displaying the stuffed animals because other clients brought them to her as gifts, and she cannot get rid of them. Before buying anything, make sure to ask the woman directly if she enjoys getting stuffed animals as gifts.

Bags and accessories are also not universally liked

Some men like to give gifts that women can wear on their bodies. Many of these men choose bags or accessories as gifts, but others go for a myriad of other fashion-related items.

Women tend to be very particular about the kind of fashion they like and prostitutes may be even more particular than others, since their job involves looking beautiful for others. Many prostitutes like to stick to a very particular personal style. That makes it very difficult for a man to make an accurate guess about whether or not a woman will like a particular fashion item.

Even if you go through the trouble of getting a favorite prostitute a bag, she may just end up commiserating with her colleagues about how she got a present that she does not like. That is why bags or accessories do not make very good presents.

However, if you are close to the woman to the point that you can joke with her, giving her underwear as a present might go over well. This may not seem like the kind of gift that a prostitute would appreciate, but she will probably understand that you are joking with her. Over the course of your sessions with her, you will have found out what kind of underwear she prefers, so it will be fairly easy to find something to her liking. Underwear is also a useful present.

She may even wear the underwear the next time you visit her. Underwear should not be given as a present unless a client and a prostitute are very comfortable with each other, but if they are, it is an excellent gift.

No need to give expensive brand-name things

Some clients give brand-name presents to their favorite prostitutes, but this is not necessary. Whether a woman finds a man appealing usually depends on whether there is chemistry between them, whether their conversations are interesting, and whether they are comfortable with each other. Giving a prostitute brand-name gifts will not make much difference.

There are many stories of women who did not develop much goodwill for a client even after he presented them with brand-name products. Indeed, many women already have another man whom they favor. As mentioned earlier, when it comes to presents, it is the thought that counts. Attempts to buy a prostitute’s favor with expensive gifts may not turn out the way you expect.

When choosing presents for a favorite prostitute, the single most important thing to consider is what she might like to receive. She will be plenty happy with a small, light, and thoughtful gift. All clients should try giving their favorite women presents to make their sessions even more enjoyable.