Risks of sex clubs: STDs (chlamydia, herpes) and condoms


STDs are a huge problem that has extensively impacted not only Japan, but the entire world. AIDS, in particular, still has no true cure despite continuing research. One must understand that playing around at sex clubs comes attached with the risk of contracting such a frightening STD. Although there is the belief that trivial STDs can actually increase an individual’s value as a man, series STDs can have a far more pronounced impact. There is also a possibility that you could contract a life-threatening disease such as HIV, which leads to AIDS.

Whenever one engages in sexual activities, not just in sex clubs, there is a risk of contracting STDs. These diseases can only be fought with everyday preventative measures and early treatment. It is not enough to be vaguely aware of the risk. It is important to always have an absolute understanding and awareness of STDs.

Why the risk of infection is high in sex clubs

Sex clubs are an industry that makes business off of sex, and they pay careful attention to STDs. In fact, most clubs require that regular female employees are periodically checked for STDs.

However, it is best not to leap to the conclusion that everything is fine because the clubs are so thorough. This is because there is absolutely no guarantee that the clients of the club girls are being periodically checked for STDs. These girls have sexual contact with multiple partners in a single day. If even one of those partners is infected, and that STD is passed to the girl, every client after that will have a risk of contracting the STD. Even if the periodical exam that takes place days later detects the disease, it is already too late.

Major STDs

Even though we tend to use the single term “STDs,” there are a huge number of various diseases. I will introduce the major STDs that tend to be contracted at sex clubs.

Chlamydia and herpes are names that you probably have heard of. These are major STDs that are contracted at sex clubs.

Chlamydia is a disease that is easily passed to women, and there is a high probability that club girls are carriers. Even though it is difficult for men to contract chlamydia, it can be passed to the urethra, etc. However, chlamydia can be easily cured by medication.

Herpes, on the other hand, is a troublesome disease whose main symptoms are pain and lesions on the genitals. Some people show no symptoms, which makes early treatment very difficult. Also unlike chlamydia, there is no cure for herpes. It is a frightening disease that compromises the immune system and leads to reoccurring breakouts.

In recent years, the STD syphilis is becoming increasingly rampant. Syphilis once wreaked havoc on the red-light districts during the Edo period. Even though it is a disease with history, there are cases where it can lead to death if left untreated. After Columbus and his crew brought back syphilis from the New World, the extremely transmittable disease spread across the globe in 20 short years.

Effective measures

As detailed above, there are a wide variety of STDs, all of which are troubling diseases. The most effective defense against these STDs is a condom.

Fundamentally speaking, STDs are contracted when one mucus membrane touches another mucus membrane. Preventing direct contact between these membranes makes it possible to block the transmission. Condoms also have the added merit of preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Such diseases such as genital warts and herpes, however, can be transmitted even without genital contact. This makes them difficult to prevent through the use of condoms, alone.

For this reason, I recommend the constant use of condoms along with periodic STD screenings. Early detection can prevent the disease from developing into something worse.

Even though sex clubs provide exciting entertainment, they also come with the risk of frightening diseases. When enjoying yourself at a club, it is important to take precautions such as wearing condoms and having periodic STD screenings.