JK reflexology, masturbation clubs, and oppai pubs


At the beginning, everyone is a sex club newbie. We all got nervous during that initial challenge when we walked into our first club. Surely, there’s also a number of people who committed themselves to trying one out for the first time only to find that they couldn’t bring themselves to walk in the door. For those people, I would like to introduce some clubs that don’t make it feel like you are suddenly jumping into the deep end of the pool.

The following are clubs that do not offer any sexual services whatsoever. However, by wading through these waters first, you will be at an advantage when you try out one of the more serious clubs.

JK reflexology

JK stands for joshi kōse, or high school girl. Reflexology clubs employ actual high school girls along with other girls up to the age of 20 or so. Of course, performing a sexual act with a high school girl would be an issue, so the services offered at these shops are extremely softcore, and are little more than subtle pleasures.

One of the most well-known services is ear cleaning. This service is usually offered while laying your head on the girl’s lap, allowing you to enjoy a number of different sensations.

Another option that you can add is a timed hug. The hug costs an additional fee, but it is a popular option that lets you feel with your entire body.

The dating system is also popular. It’s easy to spot girls on the streets at Akihabara, etc. trying to find a customer to go on a compensated date with them.

However, the main purpose of these dates is little more than having a conversation with a young girl. Any acts that lead to ejaculation, or in most cases even the act of touching the girl’s bare skin, are forbidden. For this reason, these clubs should not be thought of in the same light as general sex clubs.

The base rate starts at about 2,000 JPY, which is reasonable. However, the real excitement comes from the options, which increase the price.

Masturbation clubs

As the name suggests, getting off is the focus of masturbation clubs. In general, the client masturbates to a girl simply watching him perform the act.

In other words, this is a service for men who get turned on by having a pretty girl watching as they pleasure themselves. Obviously, this isn’t enough for a lot of men, so there are also additional options such as verbal abuse, mutual masturbation, oral sex, etc.

Also, because of the low threshold of these clubs, there tends to be many higher level girls working there. Whether or not you can actually experience direct sexual acts depends on the options you select. However, if you prioritize a girl’s looks above all else, masturbation clubs are the way to go.

These clubs also start at around 2,000 JPY, but can easily rise above 10,000 JPY when you start adding options, so you may want to take a good look at your wallet before walking in.

Oppai pubs (titty bars)

In normal hostess clubs, you are not allowed to have any sexual contact with the girls. In oppai pubs (Japanese titty bars), however, you can.

For convenience, we are calling these establishments “oppai pubs,” but they are also referred to as pink pubs, sexy hostess bars, icha hostess bars, etc. To be precise, there are subtle differences between these establishments, but the general idea is the same.

As in normal hostess bars, these clubs entertain men with alcohol. After a certain allotted time, however, the lights dim and the women take off their tops. At this point, breast groping, etc. is permitted. There are also some clubs where groping on the lower part of the body is also permitted, but most places prohibit it. Rather than chance your luck, it’s safer to adhere to the club’s specific policy.

Compared with the other two types of clubs detailed above, oppai pubs can be described as being higher class establishments.

When your time is up, a male staff member will appear and ask you if you would like to extend your time. The girls will then beg you to stay longer. These pleas are effective in many cases, probably because of the alcohol, and clients often accept an extension. Obviously, extending your time will come with an additional cost. It is important to decide how much money you’re willing to spend before entering one of these clubs.

As in hostess clubs, when you order the girl a drink, you will be the one who is charged. This is one thing to be careful of if you haven’t had experience with these kinds of places. However, oppai bars might be perfect for those who have gotten used to hostess bars and would like some more stimulation.

This is the end of my introduction to starter sex clubs. If you aren’t yet brave enough to try out soaplands, fashion health clubs, or delivery health, these might be a good place to start.