Soapland, pink salons, and fashion health


There are truly a variety of reasons to visit a sex club. Perhaps you want to lose your virginity. Maybe you simply want to satisfy your sexual desire, or you might just want to talk dirty with a woman. The motivation varies greatly from person to person.

However, depending on the type of sex club, there may be instances when those needs cannot be fulfilled. For example, if someone who wants to lose his virginity goes to a pink salon, where no actual intercourse takes place, he will not achieve his goal.

In other words, deciding to visit a sex club without more than a vague level of knowledge may lead to an unexpected miscalculation. In order to have a positive experience at your first sex club, it is important to understand the different kinds of sex clubs as well as what types of activities you can enjoy at each one.

Even if it is your first trip to a sex club, if you know what kind of sex club it is, then you will benefit from understanding the gist of what services they offer.

I would like to introduce three major types of Japanese sex clubs: soapland, pink salons, and fashion health.


Needless to say, the king of the Japanese sex industry is soapland.

Soaplands were once referred to as Turkish baths, but their history within the modern Japanese sex industry is deep. They have been around since the 1950s.

As you can tell from the word “soap,” soaplands operate under the banner of a bathhouse. Obviously, they are also filled with sexual services performed by women. Make no mistake, the quality of these services is top class.

A service specific to soaplands is called mattress play. This is where clients are laid upon a waterproof mattress where they are covered in lubricant and massaged in all directions by a naked woman’s entire body.

There are many other activities available at soaplands including chair play, etc. However, one important point is that you can also engage in actual intercourse. This is a huge draw for most soapland clients. Although there are a plethora of rendered services, the price of a soapland visit is also higher than other clubs. The cheapest soaplands start at around 10,000 JPY, and higher-end clubs can cost more than five times that amount. There are also soaplands that cost more than 150,000 JPY. Be sure to consult your wallet before setting foot into one of these establishments.

Those who seek to lose their virginity must visit a soapland.

・Pink salons

I recommend pink salons to those who need to satisfy their sexual desire and are on a budget. Pink salons are extremely reasonable sex clubs with prices ranging between 2,000 JPY and 10,000 JPY.

Main services include groping and oral sex. However, you need to be aware that absolutely no actual intercourse is offered.

One characteristic of pink salons is called flower petal rotations. This is an activity where the girls take a certain number of turns with each client for an allotted amount of time. Another attractive aspect of pink salons is that the girls tend to be younger because of the casual work atmosphere. This adds a fun amateur vibe to the experience.

・Fashion health

The most popular type of sex club in Japan is said to be fashion health. Although actual intercourse is not performed, fashion help clubs offer services that are closer to the real thing than pink salons such as anal sex and sumata. Sumata is a Japanese sexual term in which the female rubs and tightens her labia majora against the male’s penis, without actual penetration.

One characteristic of fashion health is the ability to incorporate a variety of options.

Before your session, you will be passed a checklist of additional fetishes/services offered (verbal abuse, urination, etc.). The items you check will be incorporated into your session.

There are also a number of specialized fashion health clubs including wife health clubs, where married women are employed, and maid health clubs, where the girls dress up like maids. This variety lets you try out different themes that match your interests.

The price is set higher than that of pink salons, falling between 10,000 JPY and 20,000 JPY. However, considering the level of play that you can enjoy, the cost tends to be worth it.

The following may be said of all sex clubs, but actions listed as prohibited are not just for reference. If it becomes known that you demanded something from one of the girls outside of offered services, it is not uncommon to be fined in addition to being kicked out and denied future service.

In order to enjoy sex clubs, it is important to strictly adhere to the rules posted at each club.