Are people ever arrested for visiting a sex club?


All newcomers experience anxiety. Even veterans get a little nervous when they challenge themselves to something they aren’t used to, but the anxiety hits newbies harder.

One concern that plagues newbies is whether or not the sex club they are visiting is a legal establishment. They worry that they will be receiving services at an illegal club and then suddenly be discovered and handled like a criminal.

To skip to the conclusion, however, even if you visit an illegal sex club, you will almost certainly not be arrested. The reason is that, in the Anti-Prostitution Act, there are no clear punishments laid out for either the prostitute or the person purchasing the sexual services.

In other words, even if you infringe upon this law and are caught, it will almost never go on your criminal record. In that case, in what circumstance can you get arrested at an illegal sex club? What kind of people actually end up getting arrested?

The owner of an illegal sex club

The Anti-Prostitution Act is a well-known law for controlling industries such as sex clubs and, for that matter, the sex industry in general.

The Anti-Prostitution Act is a law that was born in Japan a long time ago, when the nation was in poverty. It was created to protect women who could not sustain themselves without selling their bodies. So, in principle, the law was not defined as a punishment for women, but rather was designed to rescue them.

The target of punishment for this law is the party who controls the women and provides a place for their prostitution. In present-day terms, this corresponds to the owner of the sex club.

If the sex club is legal and has a business permit, there is no issue. If, however, the establishment is an illegal club that has been denied a business permit, the owner could be arrested.

In some instances, women can also be arrested

Even though the Anti-Prostitution Act was designed to protect women who lacked social strength, it is possible for women to be charged under the law. Women that can be charged are prostitutes who provided services after soliciting men on roadsides.

Prostitutes who wait on roadsides and directly solicit clients are called gaishō (street girls) or tachinbo (hustlers). These women are not protected by the Anti-Prostitution Act.

There are cases in which such women have actually been arrested. The alley in back of Hygia, a health plaza in Shinjuku’s Kabukichō, is full of street girls. The police occasionally bust the entire operation and return order, but more girls always reappear after the situation calms down. This game of cat and mouse still continues today.

Even after these situations have settled down due to police crackdowns, there is always a significant possibility of a reoccurrence.

In the past, the majority of girls in this area came from China and Korea, but nowadays you can also spot Japanese women. Perhaps this is due to a change in values and morals.

Reasons to be careful of age misrepresentation

Many women who work in sex clubs lie about their age, pretending to be younger than they actually are. In some cases, however, the opposite occurs; minors who want to work in sex clubs pretend to be 18 or older.

When performing sexual acts with a minor who misrepresents her age, the client is placed in a dangerous legal position, not the girl.

According to the Law for Punishing Acts Related to Child Prostitution and Child Pornography, which was implemented in 1999, it is the children who must be protected. And, even if they misrepresent their age, they are not guilty of any crime.

Any man who lays a hand on such a child, however, will be charged with serious crimes. In addition to having been lied to, they will also be branded as a criminal.

Since there is no punishment for the child, herself, there are many cases where children misrepresent their age, perform sexual services, engage in prostitution, and then reveal the truth to blackmail the client for money, etc.

In general, a man will not be penalized even if he visits an illegal sex club. That being said, going to an illegal sex club is not an action that I can condone. Taking the above risks into consideration, it is a much wiser decision to select a club that has a proper business permit.