The best time of year to visit


Japanese sex clubs are open year-round, but there are certain dates you’ll want to go in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Specifically, I recommend visiting during those times of year when there are fewer patrons. This entitles you to a range of benefits, among them discounted pricing, an opening with a popular girl, and special bonuses like getting girls’ panties to take home.

These points in the year fall at predictable times, so you can slot them into your schedule for maximum benefit. I highly recommend going at the times of year below.


Sex clubs in Japan experience a sharp downturn in patrons at Christmastime. Those with girlfriends or families, even if they occasionally peel off to a sex club, will stay away during the holidays. Even bachelors will tend to feel that going to a Japanese sex club at Christmastime is a lonely experience.

This is your chance! Around Christmas, Japanese sex clubs start rolling out a wide variety of perks and “Christmas events.” One example would be the girls coming out in Santa costumes, or getting presents from them. The costs also go down, and you can enjoy yourself with a special Christmas discount.

Since patrons dwindle during this time of year, Japanese sex clubs ramp up their perks in an effort to get more customers. If you don’t have plans for Christmas, this is a golden opportunity!

In addition, many of the girls themselves will be free around the holidays. You might think that since they work with guys every day, girls at Japanese sex clubs have already found a boyfriend and will be taking off for the holidays. However, in many cases, the girls pass the time at the shop during their downtime. Why not check the shop to see if your favorite girl is around during the holidays? You might be surprised to find her on-duty.

Year end/New Year’s

Coming close after the holidays is the year end/New Year’s period. Sex clubs in Japan experience decreased foot traffic during this time. Many Japanese people go home for the New Year, so shops enter a slump.

This makes it a perfect opportunity for you, the intrepid traveler. Shops beef up their services to draw patrons in. You could treat a year-end visit as a way to close out the old year, and a visit after New Year’s as a way to greet the next year ahead. You will be treated to great service at good prices.

However, one thing to watch out for is that the girls themselves may be going home for the holidays. If you have your heart set on a certain girl, ask the shop as it gets closer to the end of the year and confirm her schedule. Since girls get picked by patrons less at this time, they’ll actively want to share their work schedules with you in the chance of getting you to come out for a visit.

Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day in Japan, women give men boxes of chocolate. This is another time of year when Japanese sex clubs see a dwindling of patrons. As with Christmas, those with girlfriends and wives tend to shy away from the club during this time. You’ll see a similar pattern to that seen at Christmastime.

Special bonuses at this time include getting a box of chocolate and a set of panties from a girl, Valentine’s Day discounts, and more.

As you can see, people tend to engage in activities with their girlfriends and families in winter, so it’s almost the perfect time to visit a Japanese sex club and enjoy some fringe benefits. Winter may be cold, but the bonuses offered at these clubs are hot!

Long public holidays like Golden Week

Another great time of year is long public holidays like “Golden Week,” which is when a succession of holidays fall in May and people take time off for travel. With everyone going on trips or back home, the thinking is that spending a hard-earned vacation hanging out at the sex club is a pity, so there are fewer patrons. Again, this is your big chance.

The same applies to the “O-Bon” summer holiday and other long holidays in Japan. Even if you’ve made plans, it’s unlikely you have every day filled up, so you can slot in some time in between your vacation to pop off to the club.

Taking advantage of these once-a-year opportunities entitles you to special perks. If you want to make the most of your Japanese sex club experience, consider the seasonal timing.