History of Japanese sex culture

Overview of Japanese sex culture

Prostitution was once a dream job in Japan

Turkish baths and the history of soaplands

Western perceptions of sex vs Japanese perceptions of sex

Historical perception of prostitution

The origin of prostitution – the oldest profession of mankind

The truth of the prostitution culture rooted in Japan

Ways of thinking that connect religion and prostitution

Historical research on prostitution

Prostitution as depicted in ancient Japanese literature

Rape in Japan’s early history

The reason that historical documents regarding prostitution are rare in Japan

The roots of geisha and maiko

The folklore of Japanese sex culture

The custom of night crawling in rural areas

Connections between relationships and the sex culture during the Edo period

The relationship between Edo-period post towns and the serving girls (prostitutes) who worked there

Phallic worship: the “Kanamara festival” at the Kanayama Shrine

The first sexual experience of an Edo period woman

Mekake (mistresses) in the Edo period

The connection between bodhisattva and yūjo

The history of yūjo

What it took to become a yūjo