Basic soapland knowledge


Criteria and points of caution when choosing a soapland

Soapland fees:total bathing fees and service fees

The soapland process: words of caution for newbies

What kind of women work at soaplands?

Sexual play at soaplands

Five types of fun you can have at a Japanese “Soapland” parlor

Sex and bathing at Soapland: how it works

Taking breaks during a session in a soapland

About “purification” in soaplands

Jobs and soaplands

Internal management systems and relations at soaplands

The jobs of male soapland staff members

How soap ladies are trained in “mattress play”

Training for “bed play”

Various characteristics of soaplands

Premium soaplands: what to expect, and what they charge

The general characteristics and prices of soaplands

The characteristics and prices of cheap soaplands

General soaplands: what to expect, and what they charge

What is the appeal of “mass” soaplands, and how much do they charge?

How to find soaplands that employ porn actresses

Why are there soaplands that employ porn actresses?