How to find soaplands that employ porn actresses


One reason why soaplands appeal to clients is that some of them employ active AV (“adult video”) actresses.

An “adult video” is the same as a porn movie. Some porn actresses are celebrities who can sell a movie with their name alone, but there are also many virtually unknown actresses who only appear in smaller productions. However, both kinds of actresses draw a lot of clients when they work at a brothel.

There is a world of difference between watching a porn movie and actually having sex with the actress from that movie. Countless men would love to have an intimate encounter with the porn actresses they have been dreaming of for many years.

Searching on the internet is the best way to find establishments where actual porn actresses work. Considering the relatively low total number of porn actresses, clients are unlikely to run into them by accident if they just visit enough establishments.

How to find brothels where porn actresses work

When searching the internet for brothels that employ porn actresses, a good tactic is to search for places where multiple porn actresses work.

Many soaplands advertise the fact that one or more porn actresses work there, and this information will come up easily in an internet search.

However, for clients who are looking for a particular actress, it is not very efficient to start searching for just any establishment that employs porn actresses. When looking for a particular porn actress, the best thing to do is to check her blog or other online presence.

If she works in a soapland somewhere, there is a good chance that she will have announced as much on her blog. Checking not only her blog but also her other social media accounts increases a client’s chances of finding out where she works.

Clients should be aware that even if a porn actress does work in a soapland, she may not be doing it under the same screen name that she uses for her film work.

Porn movies are filmographic works, and porn actresses are often signed to labels (the companies that make the movies). There may be rights issues that prevent an actress from using her screen name for other activities. It is not unusual or suspicious for a woman to use a different name for her soapland work.

Porn actresses may cost extra

Suppose a client has found the porn actress he was looking for, and is headed for the soapland where she works. Of course his goal is to be serviced by that particular porn actress, so he must ask for her by name.

In normal circumstances, a client can ask for a particular prostitute simply by paying an established “requesting fee”. However, if a woman also has porn movies on her resume, the client may be asked to pay an additional fee in order to request her. This money is called a “premier charge” because the establishment often gives the porn actresses preferential treatment.

However, sometimes a client can assume that the prostitute who will be assigned to him will be a porn star, for example if the establishment employs only porn stars to begin with. In such cases, there tend to be no extra fees.

Clients must research beforehand how much more they can expect to pay for a porn actress than for a regular soapland prostitute.

What is a session with a porn actress like?

So what do people who have had sex with a porn actress actually think of the experience?

Some men say that it was incredibly satisfying to visit a soapland and have sex with a porn actress they have been lusting after for many years. It can be a highly emotional experience to finally lay eyes on something that one has only ever seen on film, and then obscured by the mosaics that are used to censor genitals in Japanese porn movies.

However, there are also men who report that they were disappointed at the odd technique of porn actresses.

Because they work in a filmographic medium, porn actresses put most of their effort and training into appearing as sexy as possible on camera. Making their male co-stars feel sexual pleasure is only a secondary requirement for porn actresses. Some who have actual sex with a porn actress claim that the experience was not as mind-blowing as they had imagined.

In short, clients should not have excessively high expectations when requesting the services of a porn actress.

Watch out for scams when looking for brothels that employ porn actresses

There are brothels that claim to employ porn stars while no such women are actually on their payroll. If the porn actresses are never available when a client visits the establishment, it is time to get suspicious.

Clients are better off not getting involved with such untrustworthy brothels.

Porn actresses are within the reach of a client who is willing to go through soaplands to find them. If there is a porn actress that you cannot stop thinking about, why not try and find out if she also works at a brothel somewhere?