Training for “bed play”


The activities clients engage in during a session in a Japanese soapland can usually be divided into “mattress play” and “bed play”. During “mattress play,” the soap lady and her client are on an air mattress coated with lubricant. “Bed play” takes place on a regular bed.

Soap ladies receive extensive training before they begin their work, to ensure they can provide satisfactory service to clients. Let us take a look at how new soap ladies train to learn all about “bed play”. This is usually a very enjoyable part of the session for clients, as the soap lady has worked hard to become good at it.

A former soap lady is in charge of training

The person in charge of training beginner soap ladies (women who provide services to clients in a soapland) is always someone who used to do the work of a soap lady. In the past, male staff members were often in charge of training. Because of their involvement, training was dubbed “hobby training,” as most people suspected that male staff members were helping only because they thought it was fun. Today, however, most soaplands put former soap ladies in charge of training.

There are some soaplands where the more experienced soap ladies teach newcomers the ropes. However, training professionals are better at correctly imparting all the techniques that a soap lady needs to know. New soap ladies learn faster when their trainer is a professional and they also end up better at all the service techniques they need to know. It is common for premium soaplands to have a female training professional on staff.

Some training professionals are extremely skilled at what they do. These professionals may even organize seminars about how to become a popular soap lady.

Meeting and greeting the client

During bed play, the soap lady and client do not simply fall on the bed and start having sex. The session has to follow a particular “flow”. It begins with meeting and greeting the client. Making a good first impression on a client is crucial. New soap ladies have to learn exactly how to greet clients, how to smile, and so on.

Greeting and smiling is of course important in any store that welcomes customers. However, for the clients of a brothel, the way they are greeted and smiled at becomes part of the foreplay. All stores want their employees to greet customers with a cheerful smile, but in soaplands, an employee’s smile also has to stir the client’s sexual desires.

New soap ladies learn to pay attention to all kinds of details, such as how they kiss a client, how they take him by the hand or arm to lead him to a private room, how to press up against him, and so on. “Bed play” is not something that starts at the point when both people lie down on the bed. It begins as soon as client and soap lady meet each other.

Entering the room

After meeting and greeting the client, the soap lady accompanies him to a private room. When they reach the door to the room, they go inside. At this point, the soap lady has to pay attention to a range of things. New soap ladies learn to take a series of actions in order to prepare the client for a session.

They have to check if the client has need of the bathroom, put his shoes away, and hang up his coat, if he is wearing one. New soap ladies need to remember only a few things about the process of entering the room with the client, but every single one of those things is an important part of customer service.

In some establishments, the soap lady will perform a separate “preparatory greeting” after she and the client have entered the room. This greeting expresses the soap lady’s wish that the client will have an enjoyable session. The soap lady will pronounce the greeting while kneeling and pressing three fingers of both hands against the floor, which is a traditional polite greeting pose for women in Japan. New soap ladies learn how to execute this position properly.

Bed play

When a new soap lady has mastered all the preparations, she begins to study the actual “bed play”. The trainer will teach this portion of the training in a hands-on manner, so the new soap lady can learn through action.

There are all kinds of “bed play” techniques, from kissing to fellatio, and the new soap lady learns how and when to apply all of them. She also learns how to stimulate a client’s entire body with her tongue, a technique called “full-body lips” (zenshin rippu in Japanese). Of course she also learns how to make the appropriate sounds and move her hips after the client penetrates her and until he comes.

The fact that the trainer is also a woman is very useful at this point. The trainer understands how a woman’s body works and she knows very well what such a body can take. This helps the trainers teach practical skills to new soap ladies without putting too much physical stress on the newcomers.

At some soaplands, new soap ladies will also learn about details like how to put on a condom, or how to take contraceptive pills properly.

It should be clear that Japanese soap ladies need to learn a lot when it comes to “bed play”. After a new soap lady has mastered all the above, she can finally start working as a proper staff member of the soapland. If the soap lady you ask for turns out to be a new hire, she will no doubt do her very best to service you well. She may also be a bit nervous. In that case, be sure to be extra kind to her so you can put her at ease.