The jobs of male soapland staff members


Soaplands are not only home to girls, but also to male staff members called “boys.” These boys perform a variety of duties to ensure that customers can enjoy their time at the club. The scope of these duties is vast, and some require a lot of hard work.

If the girls are the main act on the soapland stage, then the boys are working behind the scenes. Even though the term “boy” implies youth, the age range of soapland boys is as vast as the duties they perform. Some of them are in their 20s, and some enter the industry in their 50s.

The boys take orders from the manager and foremen. In general, they must act with great swiftness. In some clubs, if a boy takes even a brief rest, they will receive a harsh reprimand. Most boys spend their days pushing themselves to their limits.


Cleaning the club is the boys’ fundamental job. They constantly keep the club interior clean so that customers can enjoy their time at the establishment. Cleaning is performed without fail before the club opens and after it closes. Cleanliness is also periodically checked throughout the day.

There are multiple grades of soaplands, but high-class establishments have particularly extreme cleaning requirements. New recruits and inexperienced boys receive strict warnings from their manager or superior if they leave even a tiny amount of dust visible.

Cleaning the bathroom is also an important job. Toilets are regularly wiped down, but there are many people who have difficulty with the idea of bathroom cleaning. So, boys who are able to keep the bathrooms perfectly clean are often praised for their job performance.

Making beds

Boys are also tasked with making the girls’ beds. At soaplands, the girls offer services to their clients in these rooms, so the bed becomes dirty every time. Once the customer leaves, a boy enters the room, cleans it, replaces the towels, and performs other tasks such as exterminating roaches, etc. When a boy enters the room, they will greet the girl. In principle, though, idle conversations between the boy and girl beyond standard greetings is not allowed. He will then concentrate on making the bed and, when he finishes cleaning, he will once again greet the girl and leave.

Boys are expected to perform their jobs speedily and perfectly, without wasting any time. If they do their job too slowly, they will be reprimanded by the manager or other superior, so they work as hard as they can.

Many clubs don’t just have a single floor, but also have an upstairs level. In these cases, the boys must go up and down the steps countless times. In the summertime, their shirts often become drenched with sweat.

Since this job takes such a toll on their bodies, there are often cases where maximum age limits are set when recruiting soapland boys. In general, the oldest boys recruited are in their 40s.

Shopping for needed goods and buying meals

Purchasing needed goods is also a job performed by the club boys. If there isn’t enough of certain equipment or materials, they will buy more. There are also cases when the boys will run out to buy meals for the girls.

For example, if a girl wants to eat a rice ball, a boy will rush out to buy it. If the store is out of rice balls, they will call to confirm whether or not a different type of food is OK. Buying things is a simple task, so they need to make their purchases quickly and rush back to the club.

Boys also perform sales activities

Some clubs also allow boys to perform sales activities. In general, sex clubs, including soaplands, are not allowed to pull customers off of the street. However, sales activities are allowed within club property.

At some locations, police officers dressed in civilian clothing keep strict surveillance on these establishments, and if someone takes a single step off of the club’s property, the club will become a target for a bust. So, the boys are ordered by management to target customers who boldly cross into the club’s property.

In the sex club industry, it is said that a girl “is grinding tea” when she isn’t tending to a customer. The club boys need to perform sales activities when they can so that there are no girls left grinding tea.

Some establishments give club boys business cards, and will give discounts to customers who mention a boy’s name when they enter. There are incentives for boys who produce results, and so there are club boys who work extra diligently at their sales activities for increased income.

Club boys who are skilled at sales are completely familiar with the characteristics, merits, and demerits of all the girls working at their club, and can suggest a girl who is appropriate for a particular customer. They also ask customers what kind of sex play they like, and make sure the girl addresses the customers’ preferences.

There are even some boys who give instructions on how to start play, what services to perform in between, and how to finish. These details can even include how and when to whimper and moan. Of course, the boys can’t lay a finger on the girls, but these instructions are based on knowledge stemming from vast experience.

In this way, many aspects of a club can be made or ruined by the club boys. These boys perform a very important backstage role.