The general characteristics and prices of soaplands


There are different kinds of soaplands in Japan that can be differentiated by price: premium soaplands, general soaplands, and cheap soaplands. Let us take a look at the characteristics and prices of “general” soaplands.

Many men find these soaplands easily accessible, and the service excellent besides. These soaplands are a good place to start for beginners, since they tend to suit most people.

The price of a session is between ¥30,000 and ¥40,000

The price of a session at a general soapland is usually between ¥30,000 and ¥40,000. This amount includes the “entry fee” for the soapland, the “service fee” that is paid to the soap lady, and the “request fee” that you pay if you request a particular prostitute for your session. A premium soapland will charge between ¥50,000 and ¥60,000, so a general soapland is comparatively cheap.

Because general soaplands are so accessible, it is easy to begin frequenting a particular soapland if it employs a soap lady whom you like a lot. By visiting often, you can build a friendly relation with her.

The length of the session depends on the plan the client chooses, but most sessions last for about 90 minutes. 90 minutes is more than enough to enjoy the services a soapland has to offer. It is also a good length for people who are new to soaplands, so beginners would probably do well to start with a 90-minute session.

Some general soaplands employ prostitutes from premium soaplands

As a general rule, the higher the price of the soapland, the higher the quality of soap ladies you find. You can expect more expensive soap ladies to be both more beautiful and more skilled at all kinds of sexual techniques. However, sometimes a soap lady from a premium soapland ends up moving jobs to a general soapland for one reason or another.

You may have the chance to meet a woman who would not be out of place in a premium soapland for the price of a regular soapland. This happens quite often in soaplands all over Japan. General soaplands offer plenty of opportunities for clients to feel like they have struck a good bargain, which is another of their merits.

Conversely, when you visit a cheap soapland, the quality of both the women and the service tend to be lower. Chances of stumbling upon a woman beautiful enough to be in a premium soapland are very low.

Another advantage of general soaplands is that they employ many different types of soap ladies. There will be cute girls, very beautiful women, and mature women who pride themselves on their technique. You can choose whichever type you like best and enjoy yourself to your heart’s content.

What happens during a session in a general soapland?

At a general soapland, you can basically enjoy all the things that soaplands are widely known for. General soaplands will have an air mattress and a bed prepared. The session begins with a shower. Then the soap lady and the client have sex on the mattress, and after a break, they have a second round on the bed.

A general soapland is a great place to experience “mattress play,” which is the signature activity of soaplands. The soap ladies will also be as skilled as you would expect. Clients who want to get their fill of soaplands will be more than satisfied. You can also choose to have both rounds either on the mattress or on the bed. Ask the soap lady if you have any requests in that area.

Virtually all soaplands require their clients to wear condoms. However, there are some establishments where clients are allowed to go without a condom (called “NS”, for “no skin”, in Japanese). This depends on the location and the soapland. There are also soaplands that leave it up to the individual soap lady to decide whether she wants clients to wear a condom or not. If you are new to soaplands, wear a condom to be on the safe side.

General soaplands are also easy places to work for soap ladies, as they do not demand an unreasonably high level of service from their employees, which allows the women to work relatively stress-free. Standards for the women’s appearance are also not as high as those in high-level soaplands, which means that a job at a regular soapland is within reach for many women.

As a result, general soaplands tend to attract women who like to do their jobs with their own personal flair. That also means male clients will have many different types of women to choose from.

You may find that you actually prefer to have sex with a soap lady who does not have the extremely well-developed sense of professionalism that women in high-end soaplands do. Soap ladies in general soaplands are more likely to show their feelings and their own personal brand of femininity during a session, which leads to a more intimate atmosphere. A male client can also expect better service if he behaves in a chivalrous manner towards these women.

These are all reasons why general soaplands feel very accessible to many men. General soaplands are a good choice for anyone, from beginners to men who have been visiting brothels for a while.