Premium soaplands: what to expect, and what they charge


Today, a wide variety of services and establishments make up the Japanese sex industry. Starting establishments with physical locations has become difficult in recent years, but there is a boom in “delivery health” services.

Brothels in general may be in decline today, but soaplands still enjoy strong popularity.

A defining characteristic of soaplands is that they allow clients to engage in the actual act of coitus. That makes them popular among clients who want to lose their virginity, or who can’t find satisfaction in simulated sex acts.

Still, soaplands can differ from other soaplands depending on their price range. Broadly speaking, there are “premium” soaplands, “general” soaplands, and “mass” soaplands.

Let us take a look at what kind of services are offer in the “premium” establishments. Because the quality of the service is very high, premium establishments are recommended for people who have never partaken of the sex industry before.

What do premium soaplands charge?

Inexperienced beginners often find themselves unable to tell whether a particular establishment is a premium soapland. Many people try to figure it out by considering whether the prices advertised “feel” high to them.

However, that often results in them mistaking “general” establishments for premium soaplands.

Establishments that charge between ¥‎50,000 and ¥‎60,000 in total generally fall into the category of “premium” soapland.

This average total charge is based on the price sheets used by actual soaplands. A soapland usually charges both an entry fee and a service charge. Adding these up results in the total charge.

An increasing number of establishments advertise only the total charge rather than a complex combination of various charges. However, to avoid misunderstandings, clients must be aware that the “total charge”, the “entry fee”, and the “service fee” are different things.

What services do premium soaplands offer?

When a prostitute joins a client in a soapland, it is customary to first engage in some small talk to break the ice, and then proceed to actual sex acts.

However, some premium soaplands will offer the client a blowjob immediately. This service is called sokushaku (“immediate fellatio”).

Establishments that offer sokushaku may also offer soku beddo (literally “immediate bed”). That means the prostitute and the client can proceed from fellatio straight to actual coitus on a bed.

This combination of sokushaku and soku beddo is called soku soku. Note that soku soku is a service that is often unique to premium soaplands.

How long does a session in a premium soapland last?

A session in a soapland generally lasts about 90 minutes. This feels rather long to some people, but in premium soapland, a standard session is actually half again as long–about 120 minutes.

Because the sex acts can be spread over a long time, it is customary during such sessions for the client to achieve orgasm up to three times: once during sokushaku, once during foreplay on an air mattress (“mat play”), and once during coitus.

Clients need to be careful to control themselves when it comes to ejaculation. If a client disregards the pace set by the prostitute and tries to achieve orgasm as quickly as possible, he may end up wasting a portion of the session time that he paid for.

Always wear a condom

According to some, one characteristic of premium soaplands is that some employ prostitutes who allow clients to penetrate them without a condom.

However, it is still recommended to always wear a condom.

No matter how “premium” the establishment is, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases does not change. On the contrary: the risk may be even higher than in other brothels, since such prostitutes are presumably having unprotected sex with other men as well.

Sex without a condom may feel more pleasurable, but it is important for clients to preserve a cool head and not let themselves be led by desire alone.

Compared to other soaplands, premium soaplands offer their clients a lavish experience. And when it comes to looks and technique, the prostitutes employed at a premium soapland are in a different league entirely than their peers. Beginners should definitely visit a premium soapland to make sure that they have the best possible first experience of the sex industry.