Taking breaks during a session in a soapland


The length of a session in a soapland tends to be longer than that of a session in a regular Japanese brothel. That is why it is often necessary to take breaks during a session. You can start the next round of sex immediately after you have come, of course, but the soap lady (a prostitute who works at a soapland) will appreciate a short break.

Let us take a look at how you can pass the time during such a break. If you are familiar with how a break goes, even a beginner will be able to enjoy these breaks immediately.

Having a drink

The most common activity during a break is having a drink. The woman will probably ask the client if he wants to have a drink, so just accept one if you need it. Some establishments have a menu, while others do not. If there is no menu, the woman will tell you what drinks are available if you ask.

Most soaplands will have things like tea, juice, and coffee. Some establishments may also have energy drinks or plum konbu tea. You can choose whatever you like, but you may want to go for tea or juice rather than coffee, because coffee can make your breath smell bad. Most soaplands will offer drinks, but there may be no drinks when the establishment is of the cheaper kind, or the session is short to begin with.

Keep in mind that you will probably be spending the break time naked or wrapped in a towel. Be careful not to drink so many cold drinks that your stomach begins to feel unpleasantly chilled.

Flirting and making conversation

Breaks are a good time to flirt or enjoy a bit of conversation with your soap lady. You will have had some form of sex by that point, so there will be a sense of closeness between you and her. Conversation will come easily at this point. The woman will probably initiate conversation anyway, so you can just relax and respond to whatever she says.

Any topic is fine. It can be fun to chat about trifling subjects, but since you will have just had sex with the soap lady, it can be a lot of fun to take the conversation in a rather dirtier direction. Soap ladies tend to be comparatively fond of talking about sex. It is best to pay attention to how the woman reacts to what you say, and just let the conversation flow.

If you caress her body while you talk, you will find yourself eager for a second round soon. The soap lady will also get in the mood again depending on the atmosphere between you both, so this is a good way to work up to sex again.

Some soaplands offer food as well

Depending on the establishment, some soaplands will offer food to their clients. Premium soaplands are particularly likely to offer this service. You will be able to ask for food and have it delivered. You can order food for yourself, but many soap ladies will appreciate it if you offer to get them a snack to help keep up their strength.

Popular soap ladies especially will often have so many client reservations that they barely have time to eat between sessions. These women will be very happy if a client orders some food for them to eat during the session. A bento lunch box or some cake will usually go over well, but you can also ask the soap lady an offhand question about her favorite food when you have the chance, then order it for her later.

Feeding each other bites of food can also be fun. This will help you feel like you are a boyfriend spending time with his girlfriend, which will give the rest of the session a more intimate atmosphere.

Enjoy a meal together, but make sure not to overeat so much that you feel uncomfortable during the remainder of the session.

Sometimes you can get a massage

Depending on the soapland and the soap lady, you may be able to get a nice massage. This can be a regular massage without any sexual overtones. Sometimes the soapland offers massages as part of its services. At other times, a particular soap lady with an interest in beauty treatments may have learned to give massages as a hobby, and she may offer one to her clients.

A massage is somewhat removed from a soapland’s main purpose, but receiving a massage during a session can feel very good. It can really make the entire experience much more satisfactory.

It should be clear by now that breaks during a session in a Japanese soapland can be very enjoyable. Depending on how you spend breaks, the feeling of intimacy between yourself and the soap lady may increase. This is a good way to make the second round after the break, or even your next visit, even more enjoyable. If you find a soap lady who really appeals to you, make good use of break times to deepen your relationship with her.