How soap ladies are trained in “mattress play”


The soap ladies who service male clients at Japanese soaplands are professional workers. Before they begin working, they receive training in how to perform various kinds of soapland services. After they have practiced a wide array of techniques during training, they begin taking actual clients.

At soaplands and many other kinds of brothels, you may hear people talk about “rookies”. These are new workers, sometimes fresh out of training.

Let us take a look at what kinds of training soap ladies go through. The main services that soap ladies need to be well-versed in are the various kinds of “mattress play” and “bed play” that can happen during a session. Here, we will talk mainly about mattress play.

Preparing lubricant

For sexual activity that takes place on an air mattress, it is standard practice to coat the mat in lubricant. The mats are made of plastic that offers some friction when touched by skin. Coating the mattress in lubricant makes its surface nice and slippery. Both the male client and the soap lady coat their skin with lubricant as well. Then the man lies down on the mat, and the woman rubs herself against him.

Good lubricant is a crucial ingredient of mattress play. The lubricant is usually diluted with warm water before use. When mixing lubricant with water, it is important to use two parts water for every one part lubricant. This part is a little more complex than “just add water,” so soap ladies in training practice how to mix the lubricant correctly.

Few soap ladies have any experience using this kind of lubricant in daily life when they start out. Some struggle to learn the correct ways of using lubricant at first, because they are so unused to the substance.

They also learn some facts about lubricants. It is important to know that licking lubricant is perfectly safe, or that the differing levels of viscosity in different lubricants makes some more suitable to certain sex acts than others.

Men who have experience with visiting brothels or soaplands, or who have used lubricant while having sex with their girlfriends, may wonder what on earth is so difficult about using lubricant.  However, new soap ladies have to learn everything there is to know about lubricant if they are to provide high-quality service to clients.

Setting up the air mattress

Preparing the air mattress is also more complicated than simply putting it on the floor. Every soapland has its own rules about how the mattress should be set up, and new employees have to learn these rules.

The mattress must be warmed by pouring warm water over it. Then, it must be coated with lubricant before anyone can lie down on it. New soap ladies learn how to warm up the mattress. These mattresses tend to cool down easily, so warming them properly is very important.

There is also a technique to coating the mattress with lubricant. The entire surface of the mattress has to be covered in lubricant in order for sex on the mattress to be enjoyable. New soap ladies learn how to cover the mattress in lubricant thoroughly and practice until they can prepare the mattress perfectly.

Training for “mattress play”

Preparing the lubricant and the mattress is something that needs to be done before a session starts. New soap ladies also learn how to lead a session.

During mattress play training, an experienced trainer usually teaches two new soap ladies together. The trainer and one new soap lady practice mattress play while the other new soap lady sits to the side and observes. Newcomers find the techniques easier to learn if they can observe first, so this style of training is quite popular.

Bodies become very slippery during mattress play because of all the lubricant, so trainees have to be conscious of safety risks as well. Moving around on a slippery air mattress is quite dangerous for someone who is not used to it, and soap ladies sometimes slip and hit their heads, or fall off the mat. Such accidents can turn a pleasant session into a disaster.

So before they learn anything else, new soap ladies learn how they can safely move around and shift their bodies on the mattress. These motions take some getting used to and new soap ladies often suffer from muscle pains the day after their first training. For the soap lady, mattress play actually requires a lot of physical endurance. However, as they become used to moving their bodies in the proper way, they learn how to use their strength more efficiently.

When they have learned how to move around, they begin working on sexual techniques. There is licking a client who is covered in lubricant (namearai in Japanese, literally “washing by licking”). Then there is stimulating the client by sliding the breasts or thighs along his body (kanihasami, literally “pincher attack”). There is also the position where client and soap lady lie down facing away from each other, genitals touching, and stimulate each other by bending the knees and then moving back and forth (kaeru kikku, literally “frog kick”). These are all basic techniques that new soap ladies learn.

There are many kinds of sex acts that you can only enjoy in soaplands, not in other brothels. New soap ladies learn every technique and practice until they can execute them perfectly.

Of course, learning every individual technique is not the end of it. Mattress play is a complex activity. Improving one’s technique day after day is crucial. The better a soap lady’s technique, the sooner she will become a popular choice for clients.

The mattress needs to be cleaned after every session, so new soap ladies also learn about how to wash the mattress.

It should be clear that new soap ladies need to learn a lot before they can become proficient at mattress play, the activity so closely associated with Japanese soaplands.

When in the middle of mattress play in a soapland, you may want to consider telling the soap lady when she is making you feel good. They will be happy to know that their long hours of practice paid off, and work even harder to please you.