About “purification” in soaplands


Some soaplands offer a service that they call “purification” (okiyome in Japanese). This involves the soap lady (soap ladies are prostitutes who work at soaplands) licking the semen off a client’s penis after he has ejaculated.

At soaplands, clients can enjoy penetrative sex with a woman, something that is illegal in regular brothels under Japanese law. Of course, soaplands are also bound by Japanese law, so they forbid penetrative sex just like other brothels. However, they tacitly permit penetrative sex if it happens “naturally” in the course of a private session between a prostitute and a client that escalates to “free love”.

After penetrative sex, the male client’s penis will carry traces of not only semen, but also of female bodily fluids. Having a woman lick one’s cock after it was just inside the woman’s’ body tends to be an overwhelming experience the first time.

Some male clients are unable to hide their surprise when the soap lady initiates this kind of contact. However, this kind of service is perfectly normal in a soapland, so feel free to enjoy it without reservations.

Soaplands that allow sex without a condom often offer “purification”

“Purification” cannot be had in just any soapland.

Every soapland offers its own set of services, but generally speaking, clients are required to wear a condom during sessions. However, there are also establishments that allow clients to have penetrative sex without a condom (a service called “NS,” for “no skin,” in Japanese).

Soaplands where clients can have sex without a condom often offer purification as a service as well. Clients who want to try out “purification” should start by narrowing their search down to soaplands that allow sex without a condom.

However, there are also some soaplands that offer purification while the client is wearing a condom (called “S tsuki,” or “with skin,” in Japanese). All this differs from soapland to soapland, so it is best to make clear inquiries when you find an establishment that looks like it may offer purification.

Soap ladies will offer purification at the right moment

Timing is crucial during purification.

As mentioned before, purification involves the soap lady cleaning the client’s cock with her tongue after intercourse. Many men find that they are very sensitive immediately after ejaculation. In that moment, most will find that a blowjob feels ticklish rather than pleasurable.

A soap lady will pay close attention to her client’s physical condition, and estimate the right time to begin “purification”. When the client seems to be feeling sensitive, the soap lady will wait a little while before she initiates the blowjob. The soap lady will also pay close attention to the client’s reactions while purification is in process.

She will watch for any signs that her timing is off, for instance if the client is feeling ticklish, or seems to be shivering because he is still feeling oversensitive. In that case, the soap lady will lighten the touch of her tongue or take a short break before continuing.

The soap lady will take care of everything, so the client can lie back and enjoy the attention without having to worry. However, if you do start to feel oversensitive after a soap lady has started “purification,” do not force yourself to endure something unpleasant–just say something.

Feeling oversensitive in the genitals immediately after sex is a perfectly normal physiological reaction. It is nothing to be ashamed of. A soap lady will not find it strange if you tell her you are feeling too sensitive for purification, so do not hesitate to let her know.

If you want to avoid feeling oversensitive in the genitals, it may help to try staying inside the woman for a little while after you have ejaculated. This is useful against feelings of oversensitivity. It also allows you to enjoy the afterglow a little, which can be quite an intimate moment between yourself and the woman.

If you want more, try “reverse purification”

People who want to enjoy their session even more can try “reverse purification” (gyaku okiyome in Japanese). This involves the man licking the genitals of the woman, which is why some call it a more masochistic kind of sex act.

After the man has ejaculated, the woman’s genitals will be coated in semen and female bodily fluids, just like the man’s penis. This means that when the man licks the woman’s genitals, he is licking his own semen. A woman’s genitals will feel a bit sticky after the man has ejaculated, and licking this stickiness is a bit of an acquired taste. However, some men do enjoy it, so give it a try if it sounds interesting to you.

In short, “purification” and “reverse purification” are some forms of sexual play that you can try at Japanese soaplands. These kinds of activities may seem a bit disconcerting in the beginning, but getting used to them may heighten your enjoyment of a soapland session. Give them a try.