Criteria and points of caution when choosing a soapland


In Japan, soaplands are widely recognized as sex clubs that offer actual intercourse. If you decide to go to a soapland, first you must choose a particular club. Newbies tend to blindly select a club, but there are points you need to be careful about when deciding on a soapland.

If you heed these points when selecting a club, you will be more likely to get good deals on pretty girls than you would if you were to choose without thinking.

First decide on a budget and region

When choosing a sex club, you shouldn’t just leap into the selection process, you should first decide on a budget and region.

Soaplands offer a particularly large price range from reasonable clubs aimed at the masses to high-class establishments. The merit of the lower end of the spectrum is affordability, but high-class shops obviously excel at quality, offering cuter girls and better services.

The price varies from region to region, but cheap soaplands intended for the masses start at about 10,000 JPY. Mid-level clubs range from 20,000 – 30,000 JPY, and high-class establishments can exceed 50,000 JPY. This is why it’s important to decide on a budget.

Another point of consideration is that, for the same budget, you can visit a high-class club once, or you can enjoy a lower class establishment multiple times.

It’s also necessary to decide on a region. There tends to be specific places with a number of soaplands and sex clubs lined up one after another. Famous brothel districts and amusement areas are located throughout the country. Such districts include Yoshiwara in Tokyo, Nakasu in Fukuoka, and Susukino in Hokkaido. There are also cases when clubs in suburban regions are a little cheaper than those located in metropolitan areas.

Four sources of information for choosing a soapland

Once you’ve decided on a budget and a general region, your next step should be checking information sources. There are four main types of sources: sex club portal sites on the internet, sex club home pages, sex club magazines, and word of mouth.

I highly recommend sex club portal sites since they make it possible to check many different sex clubs at one time. You can also search with conditions such as region, budget, club type, etc., which makes these sources very convenient. In addition, since this information can be gathered from your own home or smartphone, these portal sites are considered to be one of the most easy-to-use kinds of reference material.

Sex club homepages are also sources worth checking. I’ll go more into depth later, but homepages are valuable references when finally deciding on a sex club. It is common to use these webpages in conjunction with portal sites; an efficient way to perform research is to look at individual sex club homepages after referencing a portal site.

I also recommend sex club magazines as information sources. These magazines can be purchased at convenience stores, etc. You can check on a number of clubs by just leafing through the pages. They also contain special sections such as girl popularity rankings, etc., and can be used to research large numbers of clubs in less time than the internet.

Word-of-mouth opinions from people you know are also a good source of information. If you know someone who enjoys soaplands or other sex clubs, you could ask him about which clubs he liked. Since this is based on actual experience, the information you receive will likely be trustworthy.

If the discussion goes well, you could also visit a sex club together. There are many things that newbies don’t know about sex clubs at first. It could ease one’s nerves and make for a more enjoyable experience if you go together.

Be sure to check girls’ blogs on the sex club homepage

When browsing information sources, you should be able to find some clubs that peak your interest. From here, we will narrow down the list.

As mentioned above, I recommend using each individual club homepage to make your final decision. This is because you can check pricing and details about club girls on the homepages.

First, you should check pricing. The point is to check whether or not the club is within your budget and to grasp the total cost. All sex clubs, not just soaplands, charge a total cost that is the sum of various individual fees including a bathing fee, designation fee, course fee, option fees, etc.

Some newbies only see the part that reads “60 minutes or 90 minutes for so-and-so JPY.” These people miss the bathing fees, designation fees, etc., and they end up going over budget, so you need to be careful. Some of you may think it’s a rip-off, but this is the general way that sex clubs work.

In addition, soaplands will display a “bathing fee” on their homepages. However, there are also charges called “service fees,” and service fees tend to be about the same amount as the bathing fee. So, if the bathing fee is shown to be 25,000 JPY, then the service fees will also be about 25,000 JPY for a total of 50,000 JPY.

Therefore, it is helpful to confirm in advance “what the total amount will be” when making a phone reservation to a soapland for the first time.

If you are able to confirm that the total amount is within your budget, you should check the webpages/blogs of the girls you are interested in. There are always webpages/blogs (photo diaries) posted on the club’s homepage that you can review.

The main point of internet sites and information magazines is to browse the photographs. There are cases that, when the actual girl shows up, they are completely different than the girl in the photos, so be sure to take a good look. Recently, some clubs will distribute videos of the girls. It is said that these clubs are more reliable than the rest because a girl who is self-conscious of her looks cannot introduce herself in a video.

Since videos are much for difficult to edit than photographs, it is impossible to perform touchups on videos like with photos, and the actual quality of the girl can be seen.

If the club is within your budget and you find that the girls are to your liking, you should make an appointment by phone and head to the establishment.