What kind of women work at soaplands?


The women who work at Japanese soaplands are usually called “soap ladies”. These “soap ladies” usually live a life different from other women, and often have a different kind of past as well. If you talk with a soap lady during a session, you may learn more about what the life of a soap lady is really like.

Let us take a look at the many sides of soap ladies. You may find this information helpful when you try to strike up a conversation with your soap lady.

Many are women who love dirty talk

Many soap ladies are women who enjoy dirty talk. Women in general usually do not like to hear dirty talk from a man with whom they do not have a close relationship yet. Soap ladies, however, tend to be more tolerant of dirty talk, and many of them actively enjoy it.

During a session in a soapland, a male client and a woman get naked together and enjoy themselves in a number of ways. Compared to other brothels, a session in a soapland can include a wide variety of activities and it is not rare for a client and a prostitute to develop a friendly relationship. This does not work for everyone, of course, but when two people see each other in many compromising positions, it tends to become easier for them to talk dirty to each other.

Equally important is the fact that soap ladies service all kinds of men. Some of these male clients are very skilled at sex, and many soap ladies who meet that sort of client feel the urge to tell others about the good time they had. If you can make a soap lady feel that you are the kind of person with whom she can engage in dirty talk, she will not hesitate to speak her mind.

Men who are not yet used to brothels might find this a bit startling, but a rousing round of dirty talk with a soap lady can be incredibly fun. All clients should make sure they are at ease talking to prostitutes, so they at least try talking dirty with a soap lady.

Most women who work at soaplands do not have a boyfriend

Many soap ladies are very attractive women. Unsurprisingly, some men fall for that charm and start developing romantic feelings for a soap lady. Some worry that their favorite soap lady might have a boyfriend. However, there are relatively few women who have a boyfriend just because they are attractive soap ladies.

There are women without boyfriends at most soaplands, and at some establishments, about half of all workers do not have boyfriends. Some soap ladies do end up dating men who first came to them as clients, and there are even soap ladies who marry former clients. If you want to date a soap lady, you have a reasonable chance of success. Do not hesitate to at least approach a soap lady and see what happens.

Beware that some soap ladies are extremely popular among clients. Such women get advances from many men, so you are unlikely to impress them with a conventional approach.

How you can impress them will depend on the individual woman. Some soap ladies report that they began dating a man because he approached them with great sincerity, at least compared to the many men who only think about themselves. Other soap ladies say that they were impressed with a man and began dating him because he made them come several times during every session, whereas the vast majority of clients they see never manage to give them an orgasm at all.

Popular soap ladies are a lot like career women at regular companies. If you want to date them, you need to work on making yourself more attractive.

Do not pry about the reasons why they began working at a soapland

Every woman who works at a soapland has different reasons for starting there. There are relatively few soap ladies who go into the business purely out of interest in the work. Most begin working at soaplands because they are compelled by circumstance.

This is not something soap ladies are usually willing to talk about with men they have only just met. Do not pry. It is a breach of etiquette, and the soap lady may even report your behavior to the other staff of the soapland.

Some soap ladies suffer from some past love- or family-related trauma. Making men’s dreams come true may be these women’s jobs, but some of them are deeply troubled people.

If you visit a particular soapland regularly and build up a mutual understanding with a soap lady, she may decide to tell you about herself. When you find a soap lady who really appeals to you, you should approach her with kindness and with an open mind.

Many Japanese soap ladies have unexpected depths or circumstances that set them apart from “regular” women. A visit to a soapland can be an opportunity not just to enjoy sex, but also to interact with women who are quite different from the women you meet in daily life.