Soapland fees:total bathing fees and service fees


If there’s one word that comes to mind when thinking about Japanese sex clubs, it’s “soapland.” Soaplands are places where actual intercourse is possible, and they are popular places for those who have not yet experienced sex to throw away their virginity. They are also places where it is possible to partake in an experience that can be called the doorway to adulthood.

However, soapland can be a little intimidating to newbies. This is because of the different classes of soaplands along with their unique fee structures. To come right to the point, newcomers should decide the maximum amount they can spend, and select a club that offers services at that amount.

It is also important to note that the bathing fees listed at the club are not the only fees. Believing those to be the only fees would lead to unexpected problems.

Bathing fees are not the only fees

Many soaplands require a bathing fee when entering the club. This is because they operate as a bathing house, and need to at least appear as though they are lending bathing rooms to customers. The only amount that you actually pay to the club, itself, is the bathing fee.

However, the experience is meaningless without substantial service. For that, you must pay separate service fees. This money is paid directly to the girls.

In other words, the minimum amount of money paid at a soapland is the sum of the bathing fee and service fees. Service fees tend to be about the same amount as the bathing fee. So, if the bathing fee was 25,000 JPY, then the service fees will also be about 25,000 JPY for a total of 50,000 JPY.

Other fees

Although the minimum payment at a soapland is the bathing fee plus the service fees, another fee, the designation fee, is often added.

If you’re going to a soapland, you’re obviously going to want to receive service from a cute girl. But, in order to select a girl that you like, you will have to pay a designation fee. This fee usually ranges from 1,000 JPY to 5,000 JPY.

If you don’t make a selection, you don’t need to pay a designation fee. You should keep in mind, though, that this money tends to go directly to the girl you select. Therefore, the more you visit the soapland and designate the same girl, the better service you will receive from her. This is because she will view you as her own customer and strive to make you satisfied.

I recommend that, if you are frequently visiting soaplands, you make it a point to designate girls. Of course, if you are a newcomer, there’s no need to choose. But if you continue to frequent a club, you will eventually find someone you like more than the others. It’s good to understand the designation fee system.

The reasons to visit the most upscale clubs possible

There is no lack of people seeking out their first soapland experience who don’t have a lot of money and try to find the cheapest club they can. Even the cheapest soaplands cost over 10,000 JPY, so it is not an inexpensive pastime.

Nevertheless, for your first time, you should definitely pay for an upscale club that is a little more than you can afford, even if it breaks the bank. The reason being that the cost of a soapland is 100% proportional with the quality of the establishment. This may be a little rude, but if you intend to go to a cheap soapland in the 10,000 JPY range because you don’t have enough money, you will almost certainly find yourself thinking that you would have been better off not going at all because of the low level of quality.

For seasoned sex club veterans, the situation may make for a humorous story. For someone who has never been to a sex club, or for that matter has never slept with a woman, the result could lead to trauma. If you have a bad experience with your first soapland visit, you may never want to revisit a sex club.

To avoid such a mishap, you should go to the most upscale soapland you can afford for your first time. A place that charges a total price of 50,000 JPY should be a relatively safe bet.

For a newbie, soaplands are both objects of longing and of fear. If you can make the first step, you will quickly see the appeal of soaplands.