Five types of fun you can have at a Japanese “Soapland” parlor


Among Japanese sex clubs, one type of parlor stands out above the rest: “Soapland.”  If you want to enjoy a Japanese girl’s body to the fullest, Soapland should be your destination. While honban (penetrative sex) is generally forbidden at most Japanese sex clubs, it is tacitly allowed at Soaplands.

While there, you’ll be treated to a range of entertainment, including special foreplay you’ll only find there. Here, we look at five of the signature moves these ladies pull off. If you head to Soapland in search of fun, you have to try these.

Mat play: the classic Soapland experience

When you visit a Japanese Soapland, you will find an air mattress in the room, which is an inflatable vinyl mat. The bed has a slick, smooth finish and is about the size of a single bed.

You get undressed and lie down on this mat, and then you and the girl cover yourselves in slippery lotion. The girl rubs her body all over yours and stimulates you. This, in a nutshell, is the “mat play” experience.

If this is your first visit to a Soapland in Japan, we highly recommend trying out this mat play to the fullest. It feels amazing and gives you a chance to explore the girl’s body to the fullest. The slippery lotion will have you rubbing close against her, and you can feel her soft breasts right up against your body.

There is also the mune-arai (breast wash), where the girl rubs her breasts against you, and the name-arai (tongue wash), where she licks you up and down with her tongue. These are terms used specifically in Soapland, so remember them.

Enjoy her soft pubic hair with “Tawashi-arai”

Another Soapland favorite is “tawashi-arai” (brush rinse). This is often a part of the aforementioned mat play, and involves the girl rubbing her pubic hair along your arms and legs to wash you. Feeling her breasts is obviously great, but having her soft “brush” rub against you is also sensational.

We tend to think of scrubbing brushes as something stiff, but the “brushes” you’ll experience at Soapland are super soft — and addictive!

Seated play: this ain’t your ordinary chair!

You will also find some special chairs in the typical Soapland room. These are no ordinary chairs. They usually come in two types: the “sukebe-isu” (pervert’s chair) and “kuguri-isu” (the “easy-access” chair).

You sit down on either of these and are treated to a range of foreplay from the girl.


The sukebe-isu comes in a squared-off U-shape. Sit down here and the girl can slip her hand into the opening to play with your junk, giving her full access.

You might be thinking, “Can a weird chair really make that much difference?” You’d be surprised. This angle opens up a world of exciting stimulation. She can reach your balls and the underside of your member, taking you into orbit.

Next up is the kuguri-isu,” with its open access cavity below. This space allows the girl to fit her body underneath and lick your underside and ass.

Outside of Soapland, at traditional Japanese sex clubs, the girl only services you from above. Using the two chairs, however, gives her full access to pleasure you from above and below.

The “periscope” – fun in the bath

You will also find a bathtub at a Japanese Soapland. This lets you enjoy being washed up by the girl, but there’s more to it. Here’s where you can experience the senbōkyo (periscope) play.

First, get in the bath together. If you’ve come this far, you’ll probably have an erection.  Now take your excited member and poke it up through the bath water, allowing her to give you a blowjob. See where the “periscope” name comes from, now? It resembles a submarine peeking its periscope above the water.

Tsubo-arai: enjoy your partner to the fullest

Another Soapland favorite is the tsubo-arai. The “tsubo” here refers to the girl’s vagina. She inserts your fingers one at a time and tightens on them from the inside. The name comes from the idea of “rinsing” your fingers inside of her.

While you would ordinarily be the one fingering a girl, with the tsubo-arai, she’s in control. It feels great to have your fingers “cleansed” inside of her. As you might have guessed, there are also cases where she’ll rinse your member inside of her. The point here is to rinse the body, so the fingers (or other part) are inserted briefly, not like with traditional sex. Even so, you’ll be surprised at how awesome this feels.

One thing to take note of is trimming and cleaning your nails before going. She’ll be reluctant to put your fingers inside of her if they are unclean, so tidy up before going to make it better for the both of you.

These are the five signature moves you’ll find at a Japanese Soapland. They all feel great, so check them out when you come to Japan.