Why are there soaplands that employ porn actresses?


There are many different kinds of soaplands in Japan. Some soaplands employ porn actresses as prostitutes, and these establishments are very popular among male clients. For many men, actually having sex with a woman they could only see on film before is like a dream come true.

However, some people may wonder why porn actresses work in soaplands at all. Let us take a look at why clients can have sex with porn actresses in some soaplands, and what the relationship between soaplands and porn actresses really is.

Porn actresses are not busy with filming every single day

Porn actresses are employed to film new porn movies at regular intervals. However, they do not have to be on set every single day. Some actresses take a break on days when their presence is not required, but others fill the time with extra work. Servicing clients at a soapland is one kind of work that such actresses often engage in.

Soaplands differ from regular brothels in the sense that they sometimes, by exception, permit clients to have penetrative sex with the prostitutes who work there, which is forbidden under Japan’s prostitution laws. In general, soaplands advertise “special private bathing” services and are managed like regular brothels that do not permit penetrative sex. However, when prostitutes are having a session with a man in a private room, penetrative sex can take place under the guise of so-called “free love”.

As a result of their work, porn actresses are familiar with a wide variety of sexual techniques. They are also used to penetrative sex. Their primary jobs have made them “sex professionals” with a set of skills that are very useful for work in a soapland.

Being a porn actress may look quite glamorous, but it is a rather unstable line of work. The sales of a particular actress’ films may evolve as her popularity waxes and wanes, which has an influence on her shooting schedule. Having extra income from soapland work gives porn actresses some much-needed stability. This is why so many porn actresses also work at soaplands.

For soaplands, porn actresses are good business

Soaplands love having a porn actress on their payroll because it is good for business. A soapland that can advertise the promise of sex with a porn actress will find it easier to attract the attention of potential male clients. Having sex with a regular prostitute is also an attractive prospect, but many men are particularly intrigued by the idea of sex with a woman whom they have only been able to enjoy on a screen.

Hiring a porn actress is a rather costly affair for a soapland. But porn actresses also attract high numbers of clients and bring in high revenues, so premium soaplands especially will actively try to sign up these actresses.

However, porn actresses generally do their film work as members of an agency. This means that soaplands are usually not allowed to advertise a porn actress by her screen name; on websites and such, they have to list them by a different “professional name” instead.

Sometimes, companies associated with agencies are also involved in the management of a soapland. In those cases, actresses who are members of an agency may end up working at the soapland associated with that same agency. The opposite happens as well. Some companies that operate soaplands establish their own agencies for porn actresses.

The difference between soaplands with unknown actresses and soaplands with big-name actresses

Porn actresses all have different degrees of popularity. Some are virtual unknowns, while others are famous. One might be tempted to think that famous porn actresses are a better choice at a soapland. However, lesser-known actresses also have their advantages. One advantage is the quality of the service they provide.

Unknown porn actresses often cannot make a living from their film work alone. They make up the difference in income by working at a soapland. This means that they work hard at their soapland jobs as well as well as their films, and clients can expect quality service from them.

While some porn actresses never get famous, others become well-known actresses over time. Male clients who have favored these women from the beginning can congratulate themselves about having been fans from the very beginning.

Most clients will feel more excited about the idea of having sex with a famous porn star, but famous and non-famous actresses both have their charms.

Some soaplands use porn actresses as crowd pullers

Some soaplands use the porn actresses they employ as crowd pullers only. That means they only use the name of an actress in order to attract clients. These soaplands advertise that they employ porn actresses, but when clients ask after them, they are always told that the actresses have no free slots or are not at work that day. Some disappointed clients will then choose a different woman from the same establishment.

Clients should watch out for these soaplands, because some truly do not employ porn actresses at all. If you cannot make a reservation with a particular woman no matter how often you try, it is probably best to avoid that establishment.

These are some of the reasons why porn actresses work at soaplands in Japan. If you have an interest in porn actresses, you should definitely give these soaplands a try—they can make your dreams of sex with your favorite actress come true.