Sex and bathing at Soapland: how it works


As mentioned, having some fun on the vinyl mat is key to the Soapland experience, but you can also have a bit of fun while bathing in the bath tub. The name Soapland originally comes from the idea of playing with a girl in a bubble bath. Getting in the bath with a girl is part of the fun of these establishments and cannot be missed.

Even if you are married or have a girlfriend, it’s rare to take a dip in the tub with your girl. Many girls seem to resist the idea of bathing with their husband or boyfriend, and there are few hot springs resorts in Japan that allow mixed bathing.

What’s a poor guy to do? Go to a Soapland, where the girls will readily agree to getting in the tub with you. Not only can you enjoy a hot soak, but you can also get in on some frisky fun.

Let’s discuss what goes down in the tub.

Wash your body before getting in the tub

Each room at the Soapland is private and contains a bathtub, mat, and bed (this may vary by shop). Before you begin fooling around on the bed, you get into the bath. This involves not going straight for the tub, but washing your body first.

The actual washing is done by the girl you selected or by a girl chosen by the shop. They froth up the soap and clean your body up and down – including the crotch.

Not only does this get you squeaky clean, but the girl will be using her hands to stimulate your whole body. This is exciting in and of itself and gets you in fighting shape before the mat action begins.

The girl will also draw water in the bath before washing you. By the time she finishes sudsing and rinsing you off, the bath will be ready, so you can dip in for a hot soak. She will also adjust the temperature to your liking – if it’s too hot, simply say so.

Enjoy the girl’s curves and dip into the bath

Now that you’re clean and ready for the bath – remember, this is Japan: always wash before getting in the tub! – let yourself dip into the water. The man gets in first and is followed by the girl. The girl will support you as you get in so that you don’t slip. She might also grasp your nether regions as she does so.

The girl will then get in the bath one leg at a time. Take this opportunity to admire, from your position in the tub, her figure and curves as you fantasize about what is about to begin. This instant is really one of the best moments of the whole experience. The sex act itself is fun, but enjoying the view is also really important.

The tubs are much larger than those found in the average home, with plenty of room even after both of you get in. It’s comfortable and roomy enough to allow you to get your freak on with the girl. Once in the tub, the girl will approach you and service your needs in a range of ways.

She will rub her body against yours, treat you to kisses and blow jobs, and more. Enjoying this in the tub is a different experience from on the mat and is unique in its own right – and trust me, it feels great.

As mentioned above, playing around in the bath tub is also a chance to experience the senbōkyo, or “periscope.” You can pop your erection out of the bathwater and get the girl to suck you off. True to its name, this act resembles a submarine poking a periscope above the waves. The periscope is a signature move of the Soapland establishment, so don’t leave without experiencing it.

Luxury joints even have fancy tubs

Not only do bath tubs afford the entertainments above, but you will even find some special luxury tubs in the finer Soapland establishments.

Some tubs come in a seashell pattern for added eroticism, and others have jet baths. The bath tubs, in fact, vary from shop to shop. When checking out a shop online, you’ll even find info on the type of bath tub you can expect to find waiting for you.

Some shops will even go a step beyond and provide bath salts. The pleasant aroma will relax your senses and lead to the perfect experience with the girl. If you are married and don’t want the scent of bath salts clinging to you when you return home, you can ask the shop to refrain from using them.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to enjoy a bath at a Soapland in Japan. After your bath, they will bring out a new mat and bed for more sexy fun. Taking a clean bath before getting down is the perfect Japanese way to enjoy another person’s body.