The soapland process: words of caution for newbies


Soaplands are a very popular type of sex club in Japan. However, the soapland system can seem complicated at first glance, and it can be intimidating for newcomers to walk in the door for the first time.

Newcomers may fall prey to thoughts such as “How in the world does this process work?” or “I hope that I’m not laughed at for being a newbie.”

Rest assured that nobody at a soapland will laugh at you for being a newbie. By merely following the lead of the club girls, you can enjoy a smooth and pleasurable experience.

It can be unsettling for anyone to attempt something that he knows nothing about, so let’s take a brief look at the soapland process from start to finish.

First, make a reservation

Entering a sex club that suddenly got your attention while stumbling down the street is not an issue. In fact, doing so while still on a buzz from a drinking party might be the most natural way to start.

If your goal is to become well versed in the soapland scene, though, preliminary research is a must. Many soaplands have official websites where information on all the club girls, including work shifts, etc., is posted.

By doing your research, you will be able to designate a girl that you like and increase the probability that you will be satisfied by the services you receive.

After finishing your research, you need to make a reservation by phone, etc. so you can be sure to get the girl that you want. At this time, you will be asked your name. Of course, if you are embarrassed to provide a real one, a false name is fine.

At the designated time, you will need to visit the club and pay your bathing fee, designation fee, and, in some cases, your service fees to the front desk. Note that there are also clubs where service fees are paid directly to the girl. Also be aware that the costs will vary depending on the length of your course.

After payment, you will be asked to wait in the lobby.

Finally, the fun part

After waiting for a while, a staff member will call your name. He will guide you to a private room where you will finally see your girl for the first time.

All clubs are different, but, for the most part, the first few minutes will be spent introducing yourselves and making small talk. In higher-class clubs, these formalities are often skipped and play begins immediately.

Once you become relaxed, both of you will remove your clothing. Then, you will get into the bathtub together and enjoy a pleasurable bathing experience. During this time, the girl will provide various foreplay services. These services usually include the girl raising the client’s legs and licking his penis as it protrudes above the water. This play is called “the periscope.

After bathing, the girl will provide a variety of special soapland services using waterproof mattresses and sukebe chairs (shower stools with a u-shaped hole in the middle through which the girl can reach and perform acts such as groping).

All of these services are extremely pleasurable, but the pinnacle experience is the ensuing intercourse. After the foreplay, you will be moved to an area with a bed or massage platform where you will enjoy actual sex.

The sound of a timer will signal the end of the session. Session length varies on the course you selected, but, if you pay an additional fee, you can extend your time.

When your session ends, you will put your clothes on and leave the club. There are also times when the girl will take your hand and accompany you to the exit.

This is the general course of events that happen at a soapland.

Points of caution

Generally, as long as you stay within your allotted time, most soaplands will allow clients to ejaculate any number of times. However, since men require time to recover between orgasms, it is important to pace your climaxes.

Also, the following applies to sex clubs in general, but, even if a girl says that you don’t need a condom, you should definitely use one. Every girl has sexual contact with multiple clients every day, so the risk of contracting STDs is extremely high.

There may be some things that you will not be able to understand by merely listening or reading. But, as the saying goes, seeing is believing. It is important to familiarize yourself with the process before you go so that you can comprehend what’s going on while you experience it.