Internal management systems and relations at soaplands


Despite the number of customers that have visited soaplands, there are probably not very many who know how the clubs are operated.

Sex clubs, including soaplands, differ in some aspects to regular service industries. This is why the internal situation is usually difficult to comprehend from the outside.

The operating staff of soaplands can be divided into three categories: club manager, girls, and other male staff. Club managers manage the club, girls provide services to the customers, and other male staff attend to miscellaneous duties including welcoming guests and seeing them out. There are some clubs that appoint a foreman as a position between the manager and other male staff. Many larger clubs appoint foremen. Foremen oversee the girls and other male staff. They also take orders from the manager, perform duties, and make reports.

When visiting soaplands as a customer, most people probably concentrate on the girls. However, I’m sure there are people who are also curious about the manager and male staff who work in close proximity to these cute girls every day.

In principle, girls and male staff are prohibited from talking with each other

Being a male staff member at a club and working alongside girls everyday seems like it might be a fun job, but, in principle, the girls and male staff are not allowed to talk with one another.

There are times when club girls and male staff find themselves alone together. However, if the male staff member talks to the girl at a time like this, the girl will report the staff member to the foreman or manager. The male staff member will then receive a strong reprimanding.

One time that is easy for a male staff member and girl to be alone with one another is when the staff member cleans the room that the girl uses. This happens after the girl finishes providing services to her customer.

There are also girls who treat male staff with kindness. Each girl has a different personality, so there are some who completely ignore the staff and some who deal with them politely. If a male staff member is caught off guard by receiving kind treatment and talks to a girl, however, even the polite girls will likely report to their manager after he leaves. This is why it is extremely rare for a male staff member and club girl to develop a good relationship.

Even though it is forbidden for male staff members to talk to the girls, there are rare cases when a girl will talk to a staff member.

Although it is necessary for a staff member to concentrate on his duties, it is hard to ignore one of the girls when she talks to him. So, there are some cases when a conversation starts in this way.

Managers, girls, and male staff members tend to have their reasons for being who they are

Most people who work at soaplands entered the industry because of some special circumstance.

Some managers and male staff chose a soapland job to repay debt, and it is not uncommon for them to have prior criminal records.

There are cases where living arrangements are offered to foremen and male staff members in the form of dormitories. In such circumstances, they tend to live communally. If you were to be in the same bathing area as them, you would see that some of them have tattoos all over their backs.

Most of the girls who chose working soapland jobs also have some kind of circumstance, such as needing money for obsessions with host clubs, etc.

Whatever the past may have held, soaplands are one example of a place that offers hope to those who want to start anew and earn some income.

Soapland jobs are extremely hard work. For this reason, one cannot continue working at these establishments with a half-hearted attitude. Many of the customers, too, are concerned with the quality of service.

In addition to making sure the girls are well prepared, the clubs must also pay attention to cleaning duties, greetings by the staff, and other detailed aspects. As compensation for this hard work, staff working at clubs often make a higher salary than people working at normal companies.

For people who find it difficult to work as a full time employee at a normal company, soaplands can offer jobs with more preferable conditions.

The hierarchy at sex clubs is very strict

Hierarchical relations between soapland staff members are extremely strict. Orders given by senior staff are absolute, and there are a number of these people who can’t control their tempers, so many younger staff members must endure harsh reprimands while doing their jobs.

The fundamental response to being scolded at these establishments is to quickly say “I’m sorry” without talking back. There are instances when a staff member loses his temper at unreasonable reprimands, but, in most cases, if they make a rebuttal, they will be ordered to leave the club.

However, the fundamentals of these clubs are identical to a normal workplace. So, people of perform their jobs well will be acknowledged. If the person making the rebuttal is clearly in the right, the manager or other superior will reprimand the person who made the initial reprimand.

In this way, soaplands are operated under a strict hierarchical system between staff members who are dealing with their own special circumstances. Even though soaplands make the dreams of many men come true, there is a daily battle being waged in the background.